Pole for old setup or new setup

Vote here.
Just want to see players thoughts on this stuff.

poll* Sorry I’m retarded titles dumb.

New set’s better, but the torch doesn’t work and the rock is too slow+next to no damage.
Seriously, I think I could do some serious damage real fast with that rock.

Torch works fine. The (1) means it only has 1 second left, meaning the torch only lasts one second. The time just needs to be bumped up. The torch does get stuck until you relog though, like the flare (not sure if the flare still does this, haven’t played in awhile)

Rock is meant to make the game harder in my opinion. I like it. I haven’t played for 2 months and it’s one of the reasons I came back.

The new set is better because it’s more realistic, but I didn’t use the rock yet as I have a gun and from what people are saying, the rock has too low damage and it could be bumped a little or atleast have a higher speed than a hatchet.

So basically the torch is fucking useless and doesn’t work.

Having 1 second is still broken.

True. But you can craft a new torch with 250 durability.