Police Baton Model


Hi Facepunch !

I need the model of a working police baton for Gmod to make a custom swep with this, I you guys could help me it would be realy kind !

Thank you

I have this, it’s not quite the same but it’s something:


Yea this is good enouth . Is this a model or a swep ? Any link ?

Add me on Steam and I’ll send it your way. Link to my Steam profile is below my avatar

I do that right now thanks you

I have this model if you want it…


So, just like the nightstick in Left 4 Dead 2?

Yea i just need a props of a police baton, i dont remembrer what the night stick is but this should be anouth, i need to check what u guys send me first and ill see… Thanks you for your help

Someone seriously need to put the collapsible baton from Hardline in Source, we could use some more variation besides nightsticks and stunsticks.