Police Brutality

I’m still new to the posing side of GMod, I gave up on posing for a while. Anywho, I’ve made these. What do you think? I’ve done several angles, so please tell me which is best.

Angle 1:

Angle 2:
Angle 3:
Angle 4:

Please tell me what you think.

I’d go with none, looks like he’s just gently tapping his shoulder, not beating him. If you fix the posing, I’d find pretty fitting a camera in front of the wall, pretty low on the ground, starring at the metrocop face.

I was going to give the stunstick a motion blur effect but it looked really tacky.

Should have him swinging back.

Motion blur would look funny in here, it’s most likely the posing that’s problematic. Try to imagine you beating someone with a stick IRL, or even better, do it (just take the pose uh) and try to fix the posing.

I did attempt that, I tried putting his arm further up to give it a forceful look, but his arms are really stiff… are there any different physboxes or anything for metrocops?

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I had the same problem here too.

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Engineer_Rus, if you’re going to leave me a dumb, tell me why.

Don’t put much attention into ratings, they mean nothing.
And posting over one just makes you look silly.

True. At least I wasn’t yelling at him in all caps though. But honestly, every time I pose I just get a load of dumbs. TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG AND I SHALL IMPROVE.

We are, god damn.

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Speaking of phys. files, you can use a lot of others, maybe the ehnanced citizens, i dont know, try replacing them.

Too much noise/angles bud :frowning:

Good posing on the citizen, akward on the metrocop.

What he said.
I’ve done it and I do it.

The citizen is OK because I ragmorph’d myself crouching and moved his arm. I just suck at posing in reality… Bah, humbug.

I’m sorry but this is really just awful.

Adding noise filters is stupid and the posing on the metrocop is just… “eugh.”

I don’t really have anything to say that he hasn’t said already.

I don’t se how tapping someone with a stunstick would be police brutality.
Anyways, looks nice for a new guy I guess.