Police buggy/rail + Download OH MY GAWD!!!!

I made a buggy. A police buggy. Space corn said I should post it, so I am. It has realistic steering, independant suspension, bla bla bla. Pictures:




TWO crappy vids soon.



It looks delicious.

It needs a loud irritating siren though.

Save is a dupe?

Looks weird somehow… :lol:

It’s quite a nice drive, even with 200+ ping.

Yeah, was fun to race and shiz. Just clean up your suspension (make some of the elastics invisible) to avoid spaghetti disorder.

Many bathtubs were used in the making of this buggy.

As excellent as it looks, I’d use a bit more prop variation, other than that, looks good.

Have a goldie.

Yeah too many bathtubs, but still its alright.

I like it. and it’s so cool that…hey whatta?!! COPS!!

the body was only made of 7 props, 3 bathubs 3 trashcans and a fridge. I did that for simplicity, i wanted it to look good plus be lagless. All in all, its about maybe 30-40 props, and its parented, soits pretty much lagless. Ask kickasskyle, he had about 200 ping and was driving it around fine. It’s not meant to be all that detailed. But thanks :smiley:

it doesn’t on my computer all it say are errors and i have half life and counterstrike wat all do i need 4 it

you need phx svn and wire svn also

nice bump too :V


wen i search svn it comes up with alot of stuff so wat one is it


Quit calling it “realistic” steering, it isn’t, not quite.

yes it is, they turn like a real car

real cars dont have thrusters.

woodchuck34: touche

its toosh deuche

can you give me the links to wat i need so it will work on computer

can u give me the links ???