Police Door

The addon is holographic door inplace of the regular PD door which allows a certain job(Cilvil Protection) to go through the entity the only way for other jobs to go through this door is by shooting it which will then create sparks on the door so you know you as a gangster will be able to enter and begin a PD raid. Simply drag and drop into your addons folder.

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So this works for one downtown version, creates an unnecessary global table, and relies on damage to open and close itself?

You can spawn it down via the entity list you can also adjust it to the map your are using. You can set a job that will be able to walk through it no problem. This is an addon for DarkRP which is why it requires damage to open as when raiding the PD you can simply shoot the door as opposed to lock picking.

So a PD can just stand on the other side constantly doing damage to relock it? There’s no spam protection.

This is cool, SportsFreak. Original too! At least I hope it is.

Neat idea, I think that once damaged it needs to be “repaired” to be back up again. Maybe allow upgrades to it to increase the health?

Is this like a remake of the doors on TDRP in your own code? or is this Dans Code.