Police Mugshot of notorious terrorist group "Task Force 69"

the faces…

Truly amazing, the picture of the year!

isn’t task force 69 what you told me to name mine, but then i named them task force 666 cuz its much cooler :colbert:

u just jelly of how leet tf69 is

Hollywood blockbusters can kiss my ass, this is the shit. Love you taggart.

666 wins errday

they have motherfucking JOHNSON BEARDFACE

Man I love these pictures :smiley: There great.

Well 69 has Sammy “SCREAMIN’ WEASEL” Stevenson!

new intel provided courtesy of Interpol

Here we see TF69 members having an orgy, and in the second image, terrorizing a poor defenseless Taliban footsoldier

save as > tsauldrwhateverthefuck.jpg

i could do this all day


Mein eyes are bleeding.

I love the lack of seriousness.