Police officer investigates suburban crime scene (brief horror movie)

This isn’t one of my best, but I figured I’d still upload it anyway, someone might like it.

The scare tactics were executed GORGEOUSLY, and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. The beginning scared the shit out of me when the window broke. Only downer is the amount of scares and there were a few scenes where nothing really happened, it was scary music and creeping around. The other thing is that I would have preferred you didn’t add the last scene, I would rather you made it end on the second to last scene. Anyways, good job. 4/5 for the actual technicals (WAY too short, shoddy direction, a bit cliche, scenes too dragged out). 5/5 for Youtube, because of the haters.

The tension was excellent as well.


Fucking ace

The most impressive thing is the editing and cinematography. But like FumplesAlt said, a little cliche.

The flashing blur effect was annoying but everything else was perfect.

This film was only intended to be a brief little scare, so it is somewhat intentionally cliche in that way. Perhaps at later point in the future, I’ll make a better and more story-driven horror movie. Glad you guys still enjoyed it though, this was my first ever attempt at making something scary.

Nice job! Nice use of camera angels and effects, if you decide to make a movie like this contact me! hehe

Keep it up!

It’s creepy.

Pretty damn good.

That breathing makes me gasp for air too :S I have a minor Asthma, and this video somehow made me feel like i cant breath :S

I guess thats a good sign? I mean its scary and all that… breath taking is good right?

PS: I also got Asthma… : /

Damn. I guess the movie must have been pretty effective then…

The ambient sound effects were really annoying. Sounded like someone opening a thousand soda cans while fapping.