Police officer pumping shotgun

I wonder if anyone got any ideas from the thread title. Well anyways here’s the picture.

I hope I did better than my last pose. I’m trying to get really good at this

The cop is posed really weird.

Why did he shoot another cop?

woah dude that guys fucking strong

Actually think about the human body
You cant pump with 1 hand(unless your baddassery is level 3)

5-O ain’t posed right.

And the only person who can pump a shotgun with one hand would be Chuck Norris.


Actually he didn’t. But it does look like it :P. He actually shot a bad guy (offscreen). And yeah I’m still trying to get better at posing :(. But I guess practice makes perfect… or something


Maybe it is :o


I dunno, Arnie might have been able to (back in the day)

hey cool map can you link the download?

or of your That guy from Evil dead.

I was expecting something cool and badass.


I’m pretty sure it’s possible;
I’m 16 and I can pump my shotgun with one hand.

You dont pump a shotgun like that.

Or Sarah Connor.

Or Tom from mafia.

Or Rambo, yeah, he could do it…

or The Terminator, he did it before.


do you have arms as thick as tree trunks or something

Wasn’t that a whinchester 87 i mean thats lever not pump than again not sure which movie ye be talking

But there are thousands of different Terminators. :raise:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1DgRv1npmQ&feature=player_embedded watch near 50 secs…

Posing on the cop looks really stiff. Also, he’s not properly gripping the shotgun. Good effort, though.

hurr…terminator 2…and 1?