Police Officer shouts at another officer to hold the line as he and another officer -

  • hold down a criminal."

Mo’ Posing testin’.


C&C etc.

You sure have a lot of fun with these guys

Great posing.

Lol @ balding old guy.

XD, i like

When are you guys gonna release these police models?

…is that Mr. Bean in the middle?


I lol’d some reason. :v: Cool anyways.

Like it

I remember that!

Awesome posing!

Give us the models :smiley:

Facemap from Diwako :v:

Good, except i can pretty much guarantee that the officer on the right had broken his wrist by holding the shield like that, and that the officers must be super human to hold down somebody with the combined strenght of two arms =/

To be honest, if two guys had gotten me to the ground and had loaded weapons on them I wouldn’t be struggling to get up and make a fuss even if they had stopped applying so much force.