Police Officers enter a Warehouse

Posing practice.




C&C etc.

Very nice posing :slight_smile:

If i do not recieve these models in the next two minutes, you will be a victim in my next pose. Nah, jk, very nice, and nice hacks and all :smiley:

A) What kind of future guns are those?
B) Why are their cars GTA IV Oracles?

Great posing.

A) NeoTokyo Guns.
B) Because that’s the car me and DMGaina chose for them.

Their trigger discipline is bad.

Models please.

Their targets are right infront of(Or very close to) them basically.

Still, they shouldn’t have their fingers on the triggers until they’re ready to shoot.

Great posing.

Which they are.

Stop trying to debate trigger discipline with me, I have to follow that shit 200+ days a year.

You’re not supposed to have your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot and on target.

Who the flying fuck cares? These are fucking cops what were you expecting? They don’t even look like SWAT. It doesn’t matter anyway because it doesn’t ruin the picture, at all.


It’s a fucking pose, not a police training video. Jesus Christ.

Oh, they’re going to shoot the ground?

Anyway, why do they have those futuristic-ass guns?

They don’t look very futuristic to me. Could easily be 2015 or a near-future year like that.

Why does it matter? That’s a better question.

Wow, I am late with my edit.