Police Patrol Car - Cash Reward. (Depends.)

I know there are some police car models and even drivable vehicles but i am looking for a Modern or at least updated Police Cruiser. For instance a Crown Victoria Interceptor would suffice. Now for the non needed but would be awesome parts and concerning the cash reward.

Regular Static Prop.- (Sorry no cash reward UNLESS its good quality, Don’t mean to sound bad/like an ass but don’t want to give it out for 5 minutes work.)

Drivable Car - Hmm, $5 extra?

Lights- $5 added

Sirens - $5 Added

Blank-Customized Decal (Such as No City Police department or if customized, Pulsar City Police Department.) -No Cash reward for no just awesomeness (whoa awesomeness didn’t come up as incorrect spelling? 0_O) and e-cookies, I guess if its very good quality it will be an extra $5

Hmm if i think of anything else i will add it.

For any questions pm me.



Edit: Woah Cache is highlighted in red? Also… i sound really weird saying cache instead of money don’t i?

P.S: I might tip just for quality.

I might do,
but it wont be done right this day.

Oh well times not really a problem. :stuck_out_tongue: No deadline but of course the sooner the better.

use the ones from L4D2

You won’t have to pay money.

undercover crown victoria

I can’t do it, theres a lack of 3D blueprints for the crown victoria.

The good blueprint would feature a top view, side vew, and a front view. And is high quality.