Police Patrol

Hey Guys!

What about a police patrol in game, that lowers the bandit rate and gives rookies a better chance in progressing or just helps reduce the raid rate. There should be like five stations built in metal and the patrol guys have their residence there. For that the dev should of course develope an ingame map and a compass, so that the coordinate of a crime can be transmitted to the task bar of the police guys and the nearest patrol can get there, where a raid is running. Every player should have like a gadget, that can activate the alert. You could be able to craft it. But the blueprint can be only obtained from a police man. The blue print spawns in the stash of every police station.
The people should vote for the players who they think should be the policemen and the voted player should whether accept or decline. The reward for being a policeman is a safe hideout, food, anti rad, weapons and leather or kevlar suits or a special suit made extra for them. Depends on the devs, how they think about it.

If you have more ideas, why not add those…?

I personally think that would add more balance to the alpha, because its too easy to progress.


There working on a patrol helicopter but the police idea is just idk weird.

It is up to the community to keep a police force, if that is their cup of tea. You can be an anti-bandit and kill just raiders, but your idea is just… bizarre. If you want something like this, go buy Garry’s Mod and play on a DarkRP server, it is even on sale right now on steam!

On that note, I would not be against being able to craft a police baton, might come in handy when I go out to slam some skulls in.

There are good and bad guys. The good guys can fit in a good role and make the servers a bit safer. I mean the game now is like pure anarchy. But there might also be people who want to build up a society. Of course I think of punishment for corrupt policemen, too. It´s up to the people and devs, what they think of it.

Of course to fully develop a feature like this the Rust map and the monsters must get bigger and more dangerous and like the whole environment. I know that this is a feature to add on a later stage of development but a beta version would be also possible… Don´t think that it´d be hard for the devs to add.
They mentioned that they work on some security systems for bases… However, this game is a “zombie apocalypse and survival of the fittest”. So if you want to build up a society, you need justice. It´s all a matter of balance.
I know the most interesting action in-game is still raiding someones house. If this feature would get harder, because of patrols I suggest to add big monsters that you only can kill with like only more than 15 people. The rest is just like the other RPG´s… u know. The “boss” drops decent stuff and the survivors share it between themselves, blah blah blah

The point is survival though

Best way to do this would to be get a very large clan together, find a server and just make an unoffical sort of police system. It would be awesome but you would probably need to protect it well, considering police are enemies of every bandit.

Ofc. You have the choice. Whether you are a bandit, a loner, scavenger, citizen, or whatever you wanna be.

Sounds like you want to turn it into a RP game, but many people dont want that.

No. As I said. I just want to have a choice in a game, so that it won´t become linear after a while. It´s just boring, those cycles. You raid someone, then someone raids you. It´s getting a bit linear after a while and is just predictible. I want the player to be able to have a choice, whether he commits crime, fights crime, or lives together with other people and goes on adventures with them or alone to discover new stuff etc.

But… there already IS that choice…
I dont raid people when i play unless i have a very specific reason and i only kill those who shoot first ( Although they tend to kill me anyway =/ ). Other people are bandits and that gives them a completley different experience. Nothing is MAKING me play nice, i choose to.

Ikr. Of course you can be a “friendly” one or not. But the choice exists in almost all Post apocalyptic survival games … e.g. Stalker, DayZ. Rust is gonna be kinda different from what Garry said. And I hope it will

I have done a anti-KOS friendly police.
Guess what.
They KOSd us,called us faggots,tried to raid us (well they sucked when we were the first ones to open fire)

That´s cool :slight_smile: But being a policeman is always dangerous in an anarchical ghetto :slight_smile:

Believe me that sounds really cool, but it kind’ve takes our the mood of the game(being it a survival game and all) sounds like an amazing idea for a mod though:downs:

police? on a abandonned island full of zombie? …That would be weird :stuck_out_tongue:

I´m gonna open up a topic. For the beginning I just am gonna bring into life a group of people called “Bond Of Friendly Forces”.
This is gonna be a pilot project containing volunteer people who group up to bring balance into the anarchical world of Rust :slight_smile:
I personally will edit the names of those players, who are going to be part of it. Those who will abuse their authorities will be not longer in that group.

Well, if you think this like an idea, you can very easily fit that role if you have Resources, etc.

But i was thinking the same, some kind of Secure Outpost or something like that where you could become part of a group. I know that you can make for sure a server where on a place you could build a barricade and put some kind of building where police or group members will stay but thats something a Server Admin available should do as Server Coordinator (Building a base for people with your admin resources, obviously not resources free because it will change every aspect of the game)

It´d be great if server admins would do police forces the favor of preconstructing outposts :slight_smile:
But it´s on the admin, whether he gives stuff to those or not. It depends on the admin how he makes his server. I mean it actually his, innit? :slight_smile:

Nope. Just nope.

Me and some friends have attempted to run a police program on one server (Rusty Rust Rust) however, we have a group of about 15 players who are on at different times of the day and rarely at the same time. we are often on in groups of 2-3, some success has come but the number of “bandits” is far too great to keep a steady watch on the entire map. We do help new players get started and even hand out small arms for them for protection.

All in all, it is possible but difficult.