Police Patrol

I have been working on and off on a police patrol addon giving the police activities that reward them for following a map-able path.
This addon is a work in progress and some visual aspects may be altered but it would really helpful to get a little bit of feedback on it.


  • Native experience rewards for vrondakis’ experience addon
  • Cash rewards for DarkRP
  • Consoles remember their information, position, and angle on server restart and are map-specific
  • Uses a tool to add and remove points to the patrol path
  • Alter the angle of the console
  • Cancels a patrol and restricts anybody else from patrolling on it when there is a lockdown

Edit: Updated video on new features, simple but to add to the overall polish of the addon

Edit 2: Second video showing how patrol consoles are created, how the points are plotted, changing the angle of the console, and finally removing the console from the map

Your feedback would be super helpful and there are many more features to come in the future like custom rewards and calling for assistance / raising an alert to the rest of the police.
I will be putting this addon on a public server that i will be partnering with to show off this addon to allow you to see how it works etc…
I will add another video demonstrating how placing and using the addon works to try and refine that process too.

It’ s going to be very usefull, and not only for police jobs. Nice idea.
If you want people to find nice features to add and/or bugs, i suggest putting an experimental version for people to try ( exept if you plan to put it on gmodstore or something ).

But very nice concept so far, can’ t wait to see more.

Where’s the download? Or are you selling it on gmodstore fag

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I will put it on a test server if people are interested ?
It would be really nice to get a variety of opinions on the current stage of the addon and if there needs to be any added functions / features and if there needs to be any changes to the visuals.

imo the lines to the path should not be white to make it easier to know where you are suppose to go.

You mean they should be white ? They are currently grey, i’ll have a look at changing the colours.


Instead of having to press e on each marker make it so they’re autofilled when player is nearby. Also invisible to anyone but those who’re allowed.

I think the video showed it poorly but the user doesnt press E on it, they just walk over the point and it turns from green to red if that clarifies it a little bit.

Where i can download it?!
I can’t see link to download

That’ s weird, the link is at the top of the thread tho, can’ t you see it ?

Hey sorry about the download thing, i am not quite sure what i want to do with it yet. I would like to refine it a little bit more, test it a little bit more before i release it. I have a few more features i want to add to it that might be interesting :wink:

Fantastic so far my guy.
A question though.

Do the little ‘checkpoints’ mark through walls? Or do you just follow the pathway?

No, the marks do not show through walls, only the lines and the points on your screen can be seen.

Any update on this add-on as of late?

Currently i have only had time to optimise and refine it and bug fix it. If you have any ideas for thid addon please feel free to post any ideas!


Not really anything but…

An ETA on a github release-- if there is one?

I haven’t planned a release at all yet, it will most likely be release on github once i have cleaned up the code maybe :wink:

This is an awesome script! I’d pay for it?
Add me on Steam.

Lmao if your not gonna make it open source then go post this on gmodstore or some shit
but if your cool upload it :freakout:

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I never said i wouldn’t release it on github, it is more likely that i will post it on github but as i said i haven’t planned a release yet. Kezzy, if i was you, i would wait for the release on github but that is just me.