Police Player Model

I need a player model that will make me look like a cop. I don’t want a huge police pack, just the player model.

for which force and what country ?

ive sent you a pm.

A basic american cop. Not SWAT, just a cop you see walking around. Here’s a reference pic: http://s3.garrysmod.org/img/dl/74173_1.jpg

Look at the two cops standing there. That should give you a good idea.



You search “police” on GMod.org, is that so hard? (and its unlikely you’ll get one separate, unless you ask Omolong or ShoTGuNGuY49 nicely, think they did one, possibly even the one in that pack).

Why the [COMPUTER LANGUAGE FILTER ACTIVE] is it so hard to understand that I don’t want a huge big pack to take up unneeded space on my hard drive? I just want a small player model, and that’s all.

Thats why I said to ask Omolong or ShoTGuNGuY49 as they are the ones who deal in player models and are therefore most likely to have them around to provide you with them :slight_smile:

I got that, but it’s about the link to the model pack.

Yea I missed the bit about not wanting a huge pack and realised after i’d put it how freaking huge it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: There is this crappy model, but someone would have to add player anims to it for it to work as a playermodel.

a swat strike force team player model would be nice

I’m actually consiering a SWAT one, too. Is this possible for someone?

@Silver Spirit It’s okay. I laughed too.

Apparently there is a SWAT guy here http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=66803

I found some other SWAT guys that I would do for you but everything I use to make players is broken >:(

Hey :frown:
I happen to like that model.
And I already made it into a playermodel.

I suppose it looks ok, but I’ve not yet seen a model made by S-low that didn’t have crap a collision model and bad rigging. Is this one better?

And thats handy if you’ve already done it ^^

I’m Omolong, not Omlong!

sorry :S

Edit: Correctified ^^

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Got it ^^