Police pursue a fleeing criminal

one of the oldest jokes in the book

I have to admit, this is somewhat funny, but racist because you portray an African man as a criminal and stealing watermelons, which is stereotyped as one of an African man’s favorite foods.

Would’ve at least got this:

Posing is good, but could use some motion blur on the cars and bycycle or on the backround, make it llok like if its moving.

I don’t think you need two cop cars to pursue one guy on a bike.

Unless you’re playing San Andreas.

Well I edited it Its my first shoop.So tell me watcha think.



He used the watermelon as a bullet proof sheild

Let me guess… He stole that bike?

I approve.

Like I said in game “Hahaha oh wow”

These policecars are new to me… where the fuck do you have them from?