Police RP Gamemode help!

So i’m new to this site, and I have no idea where to put this so I figured this would be one of the better places. Anyways, I’m really interested in creating a Police RP gamemode within Garry’s Mod. Now basically all it would be is just a modified version of DarkRP, by modified I mean some extra addons and rules that would turn it into Police RP. Below is some lists of features, addons required, and what still needs to be done. After you read it all please let me know what you think, and if you’d be willing to help please let me know as well. I can’t do it all by myself, and I know someone out there desires the same sort of server as I do. Upon reading many forums on ideas for a good server, 99% either said give up, or create something new that hasn’t been done yet, which is why I want to create something like this. Thanks again!


  • Working lights and sirens for some police car models (This would be done using VCMod or Photon, preferably photon as it has other features which are important)
  • A fully functional ticket/citation/warning script (I couldnt find anything already made for this)
  • All the same great features of DarkRP (Things such as jobs, bases, mugging, kidnapping, etc.)
  • A working jail/bail script (Both of which already exist to my knowledge atleast)

Overall the game wouldn’t be focused so much as on DarkRP But more of the police side of things. It may be hard to vision for some but in my opinion with the right work it would be amazing…

Addons Required

  • Photon Lighting Engine
  • Ticket/Citation Script (Needs Made)
  • Jail/Bail Script
  • Dash Cam/Body Cam
  • Body Vests
  • M9K Or similar
  • LARGE Map
  • Hand Cuffs
  • Tazer
  • Im sure there is much more im missing

In the long run, I really need ideas and help, I can’t afford to pay anyone, but if you have insight, code knowledge, or anything else that would be beneficial to this idea, I would be extremely grateful! Once again im sorry for lack of detail, and posting this in the wrong section probably…

Evocity is probably your best map for something like this. Also, I would not recommend M9k; it’s pretty poorly made imo

Evocity is what I was thinking, now as for everything else, I know how to setup a server and what not, its just a matter of finding/developing the required addons/scripts. Which is where im stuck at. I don’t really know an ounce of LUA so im at a loss.

Workshop, there’s loads of free content on there that you can use.
Also if you look around, there’s loads of smart devs swarming this forum that are kind enough to help us. Check the addons/gamemode release section as well. People post free content in there too.

I’ve scoured the workshop for anything that would be of use in this situation, which is how I came across Photon Lighting Engine (Amazing by the way), but I cant find some of the other necessary addons. I’ll be sure to look on the forums as well!

Any other ideas? I have recieved some insight, and I recently tried to start coding lua, but I don’t really know where to go from coding an SWEP.

I may be interested in helping you add me on steam.

If you’re not quite LUA savvy, or have difficulty making jobs/entities etc in DarkRP there is an online tool TheCodingBeast made to help out with DarkRP coding, just tailor it to fit the roleplay situation: https://www.thecodingbeast.com/tool

For weapons i highly recordmend FA:S weapons as its high quality models and a base written from scratch.

I hate to bump a (slightly) old thread, but I can add ELSes to cars with Photon. I’ve made a few for my own server. Add me on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/thehackerchanning/) and we can talk about it (that’s if you haven’t already got it sorted) :slight_smile:

‘slightly old thread’, Nah man, its only been a year.

Fuck man, thought that was 2017. :surrender: