Police uses Reverse Pshychology to take down an armed man


they look a bit like they’re doing some kind of dance routine.

I am amuse by this.

They look like they are rapping :v:

Funny idea tho, but I guess it would be hard to make this.

“Police officer on the left:DROP THE GUN OR I SHOOT MYSELF”

Ha. Funny idea. Picture is a little empty though.

Hahaha police is always one step ahead.

I laughed. They got him now. Nice hand posing.
Have funnie.

Great idea.

Haha, they sure got him now!

Reminded me of Blazing Saddles, have a funny.

Crush crime with your mind!

I did shit like that at a friend’s house with an airsoft gun so he didn’t shoot me. Didn’t really work. You get a funny for the heck of it.