Ok im going to try and be calm but its very difficult currently.

This game is plagued with hackers, but the real stomach punch is the fact that their own official servers are not policed, they are currently RIDDLED with hackers … RIDDLED…

there is a clan on UK server 4 named war

Every single one of these people hack. they have devastated the official server over the last 2 days, literally destroying everyone’s base using aimbots, fly hack, jump hack, ESP, shooting through walls, big clans that were on the server are now leaving ppl who i enjoyed having shoot outs with. many of us have been so close to buying hacks just to either even the score or police the god damn server ourselves because Facepunch seem completely unable to!!

i appreciate the game has exploded and that they dont know wtf to do but jesus christ!!! hire some f**king moderators to police you so called official servers!!! these are the servers that new customers are going to visit first, and their first impression is WTF!

You have to treat this hacker problem the same way as you treated the server attacks a month ago, you cannot let this continue whilst you review anti cheat solutions, stop re-texturing rocks for the 100th time and clamp down on this hacker problem its absolutely ridiculous!!!

(User was banned for this post ("all caps thread title, missed hackers report thread or suggestions forum" - postal))

It is a big problem right now. That’s why I went ahead on paid for my own server. Which sucks, since it would be nice to have a place to play without having to pay for it.

Yep those guy with the tag War played in Singapore server too…they don’t seem to care if they are going to get banned.
See them flying and speed hacking every 5 mins or bullet to my head