Polish Group (Polska Grupa)

Witam zapraszam do wspolnej gry. Mam juz troche sprzetu i doswiadczenia. Chetnych do wspolnej gry prosze o kontakt gg-3441556.

Get out.

i already done the same topic, look for it in forums

juz to robilem przeszukaj forum, moge ci dac mape gdzie sie grupujemy

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get back to “racistlands”

i agree with you :3

I dont suggest you dudes teaming up with him. He is a griefer ( typical noob pole , but hopefully he got his ass kicked out of our grounds) There are better Polish people to team up with.

is he ?

a co byles z nim w druzynie ?

Nope but he lived near me and what he keeped doing was attacking me and my friends ( he showed he is friendly , jumping and holding flare and when i turned back he slipped a hatchet up my butthole ) so we decided to rape his base.

The ironic thing is I never said anything about polish people being awesome. :x Also, I never said or did anything racist.

To jak teleskop i kori moge do was dolaczyc ?

Ahahahah “Get Out”

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dont be rude with our friends

Thats why i never play with polish people even tho im polish. they lie, thats why i am always a loner wolf