Polish People ! lets group together !

i cant write it in polish because i would be banned, but if you can understand that and you are polish, join us ! we are gonna make a village/castle of Poland, we will get revenge for all the people calling us griefers ! lets gather together and help each other to fight every other person that gets close to our base!.

everyone who wants to join us post your name in here and i will send you a map with marked location as soon when i find a good place for us. dont be shy, and help !

people call you griefer

prove them wrong by griefing


haha can you be more sterotypical

a polish person who is posting from the UK

wants to fight anyone who comes close

protecting base is not griefing, and making more aggresive image for polish people would make people scared

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does it matter where i live ? i had to move to UK and that is none of your business

HAD to? Or was our benefits system just too much of a temptation for you?

Request thread is closed. It’s just going to turn into a flame war of Polish v everyone.


i dont want to make a post war but did you ever lived in Poland ? its a great country people are so good but it wasnt much time from a war that destroyed everything and its hard to rebuild that system. Poland was threatened by many wars but we survived we had times where you could get a bullet for reading a bible ! because of Russians and Germans only the most powerful polish people survived. somewhere in the future i will be in Poland laughing at people coming from other countries. dont you dare to say that some benefits lured me to UK, it was the economics that were no longer suitable to live for my family, so i had to move.

nigga u wot

getting a bullet for a bible my ass

during the times going to church was condemned and shit like in Estonia here but nobody got a bullet for that shit

yeah you would lose some benefits and you might get your ass harassed but not a bullet

also yeah sure poland will become allpowerful and you will laugh at other countries sure

ahaha and you say that it we should dare say you moved here because of benefits of being in UK but you said that the economy is better so you came to the uk

you make very much sense

you could get an bullet for this you idiot … who knows better history of poland ? guy who lived during that time in there or you ?

and i dont care about benefits but about other things like jobs paying more

PS: war wasnt ended after fighting stopped, we still fought for us to be independent, thats what my dad survived

Kori you fucking idiot
You clearly don’t know anything about the history of your own land
I’m polish myself and I’m seriously disgusted by polfags like you and how you behave in online games, ruining our reputation in the entire god damn world


sorry guys, what he said really pissed me off

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I’m the only one to get banned and you didn’t even close the thread
Bravo, mods clap

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Today two youn poles (14 years old srsly) griefed my camp. All i had left was shotgun so i blasted them but they killed me and respawned at their sleeping bags anyway.We need premium server to get far away from polish kiddoz n reddit CoD kids

i dont know anything about polish history ?! i have living witnesses of what happend after more than 100 years of poland being divided to 3 and the fighting to get poles in democracy !.

PS: if iam an idiot, why r u the one banned ?

Nice job, you pretty much derailed your thread.

I’m from Poland, and I’m really ashamed. 3/4 of Polish players are griefers.

This guy kind of has a point, there was someone being racist yet it does not seem to be a problem? Last time I checked racism was a crime…

True true, soms like 70%-80% ppl from pl only play to kill or grif :] i see it on youtube/twitch and in game.
But this 20-30 its friendly and can make teamwork+help others ;] Like me and me friend.

Kori, send me some contact info to you, I would like to team up, but we won’t talk about details here.

mb have TS? or som

I’m from Poland, I moved to UK because my parents wanted to live in a better place, they work so hard they don’t even want to speak to me sometimes because they’re that tired, I never moved here for “Benefits” because I think that’s only for lazy people and benefit thief’s (That’s what I call benefit people who actually don’t need benefits and can’t be fucking bothered to find a fucking job.) I and my family hate them so much, and sometimes when I see a Polish guy I’m so fucking embarrassed because the other day I saw my brothers friend cleaning a fucking car, I mean come on it’s only a tenner to go to the fucking car wash… But some Polish people are nice! :). I don’t grief, I don’t kill on sight like most of the people do and it’s not only Polish people who do that…