Polishing legacy branch?

I haven’t kept up, does anyone know if they plan on polishing legacy at all? Do the developers plan on fixing the bugs and general issues at any time?

Doubt it. Would be cool if it could be open sourced down the track…

It’s been said umpteen times in this forum. Legacy has been abandoned. It’s never getting an update.

Sure. When you launch Rust in Steam choose Rust instead of Legacy. That’s the polished (and still getting polished) version.

No. Why would they? It’s an abandoned draft. Development stopped on legacy in February 2014, and aside from a few minor maintenance updates (such as updating the build environment to Unity 4.5, which broke things hard and required a couple fixes to clean up, and minor updates to add faked playercount filtering to the server list and such) it has not been and will not be meaningfully updated again.

garry’s response is to a less-reasonable thread and is perhaps a bit harsh in this question’s context, but my point in quoting it is it’s him saying they won’t update legacy, because if they did, it’d stop being legacy and become the existing game anyways, even if they put up with the very tangled code under the hood in legacy.

I think most of us can agree that both branches have garnered two different communities, and that they are fairly different in play-style and atmosphere.

I’m not talking about major game changes, I’m talking about fixing things such as the various glitches and exploits (crack-looting, etc.) - although, I do understand why they would no longer commit any attention to it.