Politically Incorrect GMOD Builds


I was playing sledbuild once with a jewish friend.
I build multiple sleds, chained them together, fashioned a crude swistica on the front, and dupped it “the jew choo train”

I like how, instead of embedding the video directly, you took a screenshot of the video playing and hotlinked it.


try [media]
also FP doesn’t like HTTPS for some reason

just use the normal way, but remove the s in https

The folks in the Screenshots section were not too fond of my contribution…


I’m not sure if Alyx’s disfigured face counts as a “build” but…


Theistic Satanism!


I tortured the enemies of the state by forcing them to do sewious doughnut rp. They had to RP every action relating to the making of doughnuts, and had to do /it commands to tell us what sounds were being made, the smell in the air, and the heat of the deep fryers.

Needless to say, goodtimes were had.

The closest I’ve ever come was building a giant meatspin out of shipping containers and ‘powering’ it with a bunch of the biggest V12s in ACF.

I’m pretty sure every bigcity players did this at least once.

Made this a long time ago for shits and giggles.

goatse alert, obviously nsfw


How is that not pc?

best thing to plant on spawn points

What server is this?

Ah good times my old DarkRP which is closed.
was 3rdRangers

Aww I was going to go play it if it was still up :frowning:


Made a giant goatse and paraded it around freespace, and blew up two of my skyscrapers with ACF boxes on a plane. Also this: