Poll - a warning for newcomers to the mapping section?

I was thinking, why not add a message to first time (clickers) to this forum saying,
“To reduce the amount of help threads please post in this forum http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=770351

They could always post in this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=770351

What uberslug said, the mapper’s encyclopedia is there to learn from and ask questions in if you don’t understand, we don’t really need another subforum.

I knew that would come up so I thought of the answer pre-hand.

  1. That sticky can be kept here for simple compile log questions etc.
  2. We can make it so that those people who don’t use it will be banned for, say. 10minuits? and you can add that something that says “Warning: Posting help threads in this part of the forum is not allowed, please use the sub-forum for your help needs”
  3. put that sticky in the Help forum?

Shortest we can ban for is one hour and what if they’re not online when we see the thread? A day seems a little harsh. I don’t really think it’s worth it. Everyone uses this section as the help section anyway.

I know but at least have a message saying “To reduce the amount of help threads please post in this thread”

With thread in blue linking to the mappers encyclopaedia

I’d say keep it as it is. it’s been going good all this time, people have had their questions answered most of the time.

And if we were to get a help section it would be as dead as the request section with people not bothering to enter it.

No one would read it and Garry wouldn’t want to implement it.

10second waiting time and you’d have to read it.

Were you around when there was a big “YOU ARE GOING TO GET BANNED” in bright red and yellow at the top of every new thread you made? Yeah. That didn’t work.

You don’t see as many bullshit threads as you used to I think it’s kinda unneccessary. Besides, the mapping section is dead enough as it is. I do think, however, that we should attempt a new mappers encyclopedia, that you only post useful information in, not questions, like the facepunch FAQ section.

Newcomers are just being fags and not bothering to read the Encyclopedia, EVERYTHING is answered in there. Mods should really just start banning users and locking the threads that ask for help, they ask the same bullshit questions that are answered in the encylopedia. The help threads are getting worse now. They just flood the 1st page, I’ve been getting upset now because the decent, but few threads I make are washed out with help threads and in general, all of the decent threads are getting washed out.

I’ve been in the facepunch mapping community for a solid 1.5 years and I never had to make a help thread, I used the Encyclopedia or I googled my problem and found it.

Terrenteller was talking with somebody about that, they said it was too harsh.

Life is harsh. Doing it would make the mapping section much better.

The sticky is not the actual Encyclopedia.

I’d rather just merge such threads with the sticky.

He’s held this conversation with me, probably not exclusively, he was considering bans for anything the encyclopedia could answer, but this would require someone on pretty much 24/7 filtering the content of evey post and it simply isnt worth the effort. Terrenteller does a fantastic job of filtering the crap out as it is, but even he has other things to do with his processor time.

It basically boils down to it’s fine as it is.
Don’t like help threads? Don’t read them.

So you don’t get to go on facepunch until you hand over 10 small eskimos?! Aww… :frowning:

On a serious note, I saw 1 hour bans begin discussed (1 hour being the min ban length) by some mods, they aren’t at all useful unless the user is online and therefore short bans generally aren’t used.

1 hour bans aren’t effective. If a mod only sees the post a few hours later (as is normally the case), then the person might have already logged off the day or gone out.
They might not even check back in the thread and not even noticed that they had been banned at all.

However, if the ban became active from their next activity (ie refreshing a page), then it may work.

That was my thought, but I don’t think it is possible.