POLL: Blueprints on steam store

Here it is kids! The official Poll for Garry’s CrAzY new idea regarding trading blueprints via Steam store.

My opinion:

  1. This will ruin immersion, I like the risk and danger associated with trading in game.

  2. Everyone should start from scratch on server wipes, I know Garry hates server wipes but whatever, I’m used to it.

  3. People with mom’s credit card should have NO advantage over anyone else (Even flashier looking jeans).

Note: I know there are other threads on this but I wanted a visual representation of what people think of it.


i don’t think this issue is as simple as “it’s crap” or “it’s great”. its a matter of balance, discussion and trial.

who said that this is the official voting thread?

some guy called “DenverDeCoY”

If they put a poll up on the main thread I would gladly delete this one. Thanks for voting

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I would agree with you, but I really don’t want the steam inventory/store to be a part of my game play AT ALL. I played legacy rust for quite a long time and never once thought “boy I wish I could use the steam store for trading” or “boy I wish I had more crap in my steam inventory”

Can we put a poll in the main thread? If not we can use this one for it and the other one for the main discussion.

If an admin or moderator has the ability to move this poll to the top of the main thread, Please do so.

Just a question… how “official” is this poll ? O.o

Keep in mind server owners can choose to not allow ‘global blueprints’, so it wouldn’t be really global…

All these polls are missing an option,

“Unsure about marketplace integration but willing to give it a try.”

And as above post says there will be servers with just local blueprints so it’s not mandatory, and if it’s really shit it will more than likely be removed completely.

your first post is based on assumptions which are not true…

“2. Everyone should start from scratch on server wipes,”

The current idea is that you need the serverblueprint first to craft the globalblueprintsvariants. If that is the case everyone starts from scratch and no one has any advantages.

In addition like said before the server admin can allow or not allow the global blueprints.

I think this idea is great. There is an detailed easy understandable explanation on http://www.rustafied.com/updates/2014/10/18/a-few-words-about-blueprints/ for people who don’t know what the current idea is.

I understand what you’re saying, but I still don’t like it. For example, lets say you and I play on the same server, we both have acquired burlap pants. However, I got this new Hot pink pants blueprint, and you want it. Is it really more fun to trade the hot pink pants over the steam inventory system then in game? I would MUCH rather trade in game, where there is risk, suspense, betrayal, etc. Using the steam inventory system just seems like it would remove all of that fun gameplay.

People don’t seem to understand that even if you have the BP in your steam invtenory you cannot make it without finding it on the server you are playing on.

Let’s say I have a gold plated bolt action BP in my inventory. I cannot make it on a server until I find the base bolt action BP. If it stays like this and a special BP only affects cosmetics I have no issue with the proposed system.

It is more fun ingame for sure and that would be also my only criticism for that system.
But if you have a community who create a lot of skins, models (blueprints) or whatever how do you want to manage all that stuff? How do you find it? how do you even know what kind of stuff exist? I think people have to think in a larger scale or in the long run. Look at TF2. There are 2500-3000 different Items in the marketplace or Dota 2 with about different 10000 items.

And if i want that item i can trade with you ingame or kill you and steal it. Another question would be if it is planned to implement something like the Research Kit

EDIT: Sorry, don’t want to start another discussion thread

so do you have an opinion on this topic?

Garry Addressed this issue over on Reddit. Clicky here

thats not who it works

With a few things promised like only cosmetic gear can be marketable, it’s a fucking sweet idea. Everyone who has a problem with it can still play on servers tagged ‘local loot only’

Garry I know you’re smart enough to have already thought about all the problems people are bringing up, and I know you will do what’s best for the game. That’s why I am not worried and am behind you on this.

I have no problem with cosmetic items.