Poll: DWTMAT Thread vs. WIPs & Tips Thread

Following the recent conversation on the DWTMAT thread, and since it’s not the first time the idea was brought up, I decided to try and get things moving with a poll.

The idea is to lock the DWTMAT thread and replace it with a WIPs & Tips thread. Instead of posting finalized pictures in DWTMAT, we will post them in new threads, while WIPs and mid-work related discussions can go in the WIPs & Tips thread (or other threads of their own as well). The reasoning behind this is to get rid of the artificial ‘thread worthy’ standard that suppresses new threads from being posted, and to redirect activity from the DWTMAT thread to the entire section, as it once used to be.

I’ve always wanted a thread specifically made for WiPs, locking the DWTMAT thread gets my vote.

maybe a few extra general threads could work, like ones exclusively for 40k poses, modern military, WWI/II, etc. just a thought.

Yeah, we already have those, the idea only has to do with the DWTMAT thread

well shit, if they’re there i didn’t see them. DWT is really choking the board if that’s the case.

That’s a bad idea, the only thing it will do is split up the community.

true, true. it was just a suggestion anyway. i’m just playing devil’s advocate and suggesting we should split the thread rather than get rid of it entirely, but we’d just end up with the same problem again.

i donno i still feel like having a thread for shots when you just don’t feel like making a thread is still fine, people should just be encouraged to make more threads

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besides in a lot of cases i’ve found that posting a thread really doesn’t necessarilly mean you’ll get any responses

Results are pretty clear, the first WIPs and Tips thread is up

…we already have a wips and tips thread, though. Why do we need two?

The current ‘Post your WIP’ thread is for contraptions and building related WIPs, we wanted one for poses and screenshots

They should probably change the name of that thread. It was pretty undescriptive before and now it’s just confusing

Well, I’m probably not going to be very active in this section at all now. See y’all about.


Just cuz I don’t really make scenebuilds, so none of my poses are big enough for it to be worth posting a WiP shot of, and I genuinley don’t think any of my poses are threadworthy. I liked having a big thread to post it in as it doesn’t put it in a spotlight that suggests you think your work is amazing. I just liked posting it casually.

But the point of locking the DWTMAT thread is to kill the notion of threadworthyness, forget the standards you had to meet in a scene for making a thread and make one for it, be it a massive scenebuild or a very simple scene.

But I also think that soon there’ll be too many threads and stuff will just get buried before people really have the chance to look at it.

People keep bringing up that point but its far worse on the DWTMAT thread

if there was even a lower-profile way of posting pictures (like in some discord server), then over time THAT would become the new standard (we naturally don’t like taking risks) and all of a sudden people will no longer post in the DWTMAT thread because their pics aren’t ‘worthy’, that’s why it’s an ARTIFICIAL standard that we want to get rid of, it literally means nothing

i got threadfucked like three times on the DWT thread just cause i posted too late in a page’s life. at least now you have the chance to be seen.

i feel like this change should have been brought about years ago

but hindsight is what it is innit