POLL: How many GMod players own HL2:EP2

Just want to get a general idea on how many people own HL2:EP2, and how many don’t.
Voting is real simple, just use the poll!
Thank you!

Honestly I still don’t know why people don’t have EP2… it’s cheaper than CS:S (FYI CS:S is 20 dollars and HL2:EP2 is 7 dollars)

EP2 is worth the content atleast.

I have CSS, but planning on buying the whole HL2 ep1 n 2 and maybe the first half life.

i have the orange box on the xbox 360, but not on the pc.

I think DOD:S and CS:S are the two big ones. I have HL2:EP2 myself but most people I know don’t.

I wouldn’t rely on it heavily for server content, there will always be that chunk of people who don’t have it and complain.

If it’s a small group of models that you want to use, you could always add them to the resource list to be downloaded :wink:

I Do Have , Worth Every Cent

I bought it a long time ago. Great game.

I don’t have it, but i’m getting HL1, HL2EP1 and HL2EP2 soon. :zoid:

I don’t think I need it for Garry’s Mod,so I didn’t buy it.

Not really required in terms of content, unlike css, but it’s a good game and worth the $7

I got it for the NPCS.

The really is no excuse. Nearly every major Steam sale, Valve marks down their games and EP1 and EP2 are brought down to like $5.

While many weapons,models,and maps require CSS, I think everyone should have EP2 because a majority of the maps require textures from EP2.

I bought Orange Box when it was very cheap for a weekend, 5 or 10 euros, a year ago.

Bought the Orange Box as well(well, it was gifted to me, but it is the same)

I bought it just for Gmod. I wanted some of the best maps available.

I have every source engine game

I bought the orange box at walmart 3 years ago, then installed garrysmod.