Poll: If gender was also randomly assigned to a Steam ID like race is currently....

So, the fact that peoples race is currently assigned and permanently locked to our Steam ID is something that seems to have some people up in arms. Some people are strongly for it, some against it. And there have been both some intelligent, convincing arguments on both sides. And of course, since this is the Internet, there have been some incredibly stupid comments as well, but I digress.

We know that the intention to eventually add female characters to Rust is there. So I was wondering how they’d implement it. This obviously led to me considering the possibility that the good folks at FP may also randomly assign gender to a Steam ID like they did with race.

So this poll’s question is simple - would you be for or against this. But also, if you could explain why you chose the option you did.

This is all speculation at this point, of course, but I’m really quite curious as to what the community would think about this. I’m on the fence, but perhaps leaning “for” a bit. But I’d be interested in hearing what others would think about this.

i would be tempted to say let us choose. but it’s an all or none deal in my opinion. either both race and gender randomly assigned based on steam id, or both selectable.

so toss the coin; i’ll call heads for being equipped with guy junk.

Sorry, but I just have to do it…

Seriously. Would it change the game experience that much for you? You will still have to dodge bullets and wolves, you will still have to bash someone’s head in, you will still have to build a shelter.

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lasted like 1 minute lol.

I like the idea of getting a random character and deal with what you get. It is like a mirror to real life and i don’t know any other game, that does it like this.
If they make it random, it would be good if the distribution is about 50:50.

Please no.
I’m fine with having a random race, but giving me tits is taking it too far.


Because I’m a female-born genderqueer who identifies as a man, and it’s hard enough getting society to recognise this without a videogame adding back on the tits I am so desperately trying to lose.

And anyone who disagrees with me is a misogynist shitlord, so there.

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i disagree with you about personal things i couldn’t possibly know about you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great… Get assigned a girl and then the gameplay is ruined because of a bunch of horny kids. Just keep it a sausage fest

The main benefit to having randomly assigned gender is that given 50% of players will be playing with a female character it should reduce a lot of issues normally related with being able to pick gender. (Harassment to female characters, people who pick female characters just to look at them yadda yadda)

Please tell me your aren’t being serious, its a video game it isn’t saying that you are a female, it is randomly generated. If I am a girl and I get a guy as a player model does that make me a guy? Of course not. Hell, I am trans myself and I could care less if I got a guy player model for the above reasons.

But its not like that matters, as I guess I am just a misogynist shitlord since I disagree with you.

I would love getting a randomized gender, but it should be server based, not stuck to steamID, just so there won’t be masses of people complaining that they got the opposite gender everywhere.

tbh it pisses me off how is it linked to my steam id? im a white guy with hair in the game im a bald black guy?

Your Steam ID is a number that you didn’t get to select when you created your Steam account. A bit of math is done to boil that number down to a particular skin tone in the range of tones in the game. The math is set up such that if you give it the same number it returns the same result every time.

Just like in real life, in Rust, you didn’t get to choose your skin colour. Is being a black guy in-game a problem?

Also, if you haven’t been paying attention, the Rust guy has always been bald, regardless of skin tone.

Hmm Randomly Generated Hair.

2% chance to get a pompadour.

I wonder where else they will go with this random generation, disability(sight, hearing, disease), player height, player build/muscle, resistances to heat/cold, starting blueprints?

We could get randomly assigned starting professions that give base knowledge, although most would hate that and it enters the rpg end of things.

personally i like playing females on video games,because they look better on gear and… thats it.

I don’t recall if STEAM has your gender on record. But I’d like it to assign it based on something like that, though it wouldn’t matter too much. I would ideally like to play as a female character, but it isn’t too much of a bother if I got assigned a guy again. I do see the same kind of giggling 12 year olds going nuts though, like over race. I bet we have to deal with “a grill! Let’s rape her lel” for a month or so before the novelty wears off. Anyone who has played DayZ knows how bad that can be. That’s not a reason not to do it though -it’s just a comment on the kind of community we can have in this game. Sadly.

I feel like you should be able to choose both race and sex. I like being able to pick who I play as.

Not to mention that literally every other multiplayer open world survival game I’ve played allows you to customize.

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Just like in real life, sometimes it can be. There’s a thread about racism in-game going on right now, if you hadn’t seen it. In a singleplayer game, it shouldn’t be a problem. In one where you have to deal with everyone else in the world, it can unless you’re lucky enough to never join the same servers as them.

Any justification for something in game that starts ‘just like in real life’ is probably going to be a non-starter for me, as I don’t play games to experience things ‘just like in real life’.