Poll: Increasing how much calories you spawn with + scemario

Hello Fellow survivors and spawn killers!

Today we are going to do a scenario i had today.

Fresh spawn, afternoon. Spawned killed multiply times. You finally find a wood pile, after hitting it a few times, some guy with a hatchet starts chasing you. after 2 minutes he finally stops. Finding another wood pile, collect it all. Make a shelter and a door.
Night is closing fast, M4 shots distant, You look at your calories, it’s at 542. Open the door, see a pig. Running up to it start beating it down with a rock. Hatchet guy comes back, chasing you again. Finally lose him in some bush. You spot a deer, Surrounded with bears and wolves. Night’s already started. Darkness arising, you go back to your shelter, hungry and sad.

This little story almost happens to each starting unlucky player, So my question is;

Why Don’t they increase the calories you spawn with? Or making you spawn with some food?

This is a very good question, and has been asking multiply times on the forums.

So if you agree say so on the forums. Or chat about it in-game with your friends!

And also: Think twice about killing a fresh spawn, you where one too!

Calories are fine. Only bad player are complaining about it. If you spawn in a bad area then suicide and try again or perhaps change your playstyle. Its a survival game ,learn to survive. This game can be brutal and some may say a steep learning curve, but thats what I love about it…

The more you play you will start to notice the calories aren’t that bad, it just takes time like most things to get used to.


Don’t make new players spawn with food, it’ll drive people even more to kill them for their spawn foods.

I don’t really think the calories are the problem. In my honest opinion The thing Rust needs is a higher animal spawn rate and more places that animals can spawn. This would make it a lot easier to start off without dying of hunger

It’s too early in the game’s fundamental alpha stage to make a judgement on this, IMHO.

That is all.

the game needs balances like this to be honest

This isn’t a balancing issue. . .until we transcend beyond alpha and the game is fleshed with more breadth and depth. Again, my opinion.

no doubt

as it stands the game is shit. Because it is in alpha. It’s not a game, yet.

This was my problem too when I first started playing, but I learned to at first find an unused shelter that already has a camp fire. Just find 30 wood to craft a door. After that it’s good to keep a few extra shelters in the general area as a means of escape just in case you encounter anyone while finding material. Also don’t run around with too much stuff on you, even if you have clothes crafted keep them at home. They’re pretty much useless if you’re not getting into gun battles, and they draw more attention to you.