[Poll] Items take up space based off weight and size

The larger the item is the more space it takes up
Example: Barricades take up for slots rather than one

Your character can only carry so much weight. Each item has it’s own weight.

One or both, I think there has to be some change. What about you?

Good idea, perhaps for a later improvement, would add some realism to the game that you cant carry 40 m4’s. However dont expect anything like this anytime soon.

It wouldn’t be something necessarily difficult to implement. I personally feel the sooner the better but hey I’m not a game developer.

I wouldnt say it hards to exactly implement. you just need a calculator basicly.

But if you want size AND weight, the devs have to figure out size and weight values for everything. and needs to make 2 ‘‘calculators’’ to make sure it does not exceed the size or weight limit. So its still some times work, and i think they are working hard on the armor bug, AMD crash and metal building bug. There is still alot of things to do, So as i said. dont expect it anytime soon if they wanted it in the game.

That would be interesting to have.

I don’t really like the idea, I mean it adds to the realism, but it is a game. I think keeping the inventory how it is would be nice :\

Yeah but when a dude runs to you and boxes you by placing 4 walls around you, how you would feel then? And besides, this would also help a little more from griefers.

This is a survival game. Surviving should be hard. Managing your inventory should be hard. You shouldn’t be able to reach into your magical backpack and grab anything you’ll ever need.

How about it stays the same but meat depending on how much calories ect you cannot stack as much

I said this in a suggestion thread. Items should be based on weight and take up backpack space.

Personally I say weight is more than enough. If you have a max weight limit of… say 20 Stones (approx. 300lbs) I think that would be fine. If you want to “Raid” it should be just that. A bunch of people each doing their part and carrying their ramps/walls…etc. If a man goes down your raid just got that much harder. As far as exactly how much items should weigh? I’d say crappy wooden barricades might weight between 50 and 75 pounds, so you can carry between 4 and 6 of them.

I do think size AND weight would reduce the fun factor too far. I get that survival should be hard, but if you make it too tedious you can kiss your major player base g’bye. And the Elite snobs aren’t enough to fund a game alone, especially since they make up a minority number only. We want Garry to retire some day, right?

I said it over a month ago. I also suggested upgradable backpacks over a month ago.

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If i personally had to choose between the two i would rather have size, it would be cool organizing your backpack and be better than just some number.

When items take up weight, the chances that people will carry around wooden shelters and doors, to lock people up in, reduce dramatically.

I personally believe it would seriously reduce griefing.

No surprise that 70% of people want some type of change.

Yeah, if even not taking more slots from inventory, then at least a limit of same items held, like 40 planks, 2 walls etc. Some items like most common resources (wood?) could be unlimited

Shouldn’t be unlimited, else one could grab all resources, would be better if not.
So everyone has resources for sure?

If they add this, if they do things to make the game more difficult and “realistic” to play instead of being FUN, I’ll stop playing and find something else that’s fun to play. If you want realism, there’s Arma, there’s Day Z, there’s all these other games that you can play, why fuck it up for those who really enjoy the arcadey / pseudo post apocalyptic feel to the game by making it into another clone of a game where nondescript re-re mechanics are added to simulate real life?

I for one will never support any change that makes the game hard, harder, more difficult, with more redundant mechanics to make the game a chore.

You know why I came to this game? Because the game was not a chore. I came here from a game called Mortal Online. I played it because it was one of the lesser of the two between itself and Wurm in terms of redundant mechanics. I came to this game because Mortal Online is just WORK. To do anything in the game, pvp, building structures, is pure work. If this game takes a turn in the work direction, I’m leaving, and going to find another.

Mark my words, this is why games have such a high pop in the beginning and then dwindle over time. Because folks find it “interesting” to put RP / Realisitc / Time Wasting mechanics that 1. Aren’t fun. and 2. Make the game more work.

GL w/ your poll, and good luck w/ the game, if Facepunch makes me have to go through more work to have fun, I’m leaving, and you might respond: “Well good riddance.”, but remember that you NEED people to play for YOU to have fun. :wink:

Weight would be great, dont take a shitload with you and size, if it has to be like in real life good luck taking a wall with you.
If the weight system would be implemented, I think there should be bags craftable by leather and a metal fragment or two for the belt.

I’d have to disagree again.

  1. Most of these items cannot even fit in a pack so using a number scale as weight works(yeah it’s a game)
  2. In Real life you can carry 200 pounds in a pack as a lead weight, You can carry 200 pounds on your shoulders as a steel beam. You can carry 200 pounds spread out over 10 feet if the weight is properly centered when you lift. (again I know it’s a game)
  3. The arcade/action feel will end up being lost if half of the ideas ever came to fruition. When Rust becomes more work than fun(and frustration), it’s time to quit.

I know it’s my own opinion Daniel, but I still stick to Weight limits. Let the inventory be a bottomless black hole of slots. You can only physically carry X weight anyhow.

“…better than just some number.” Number, or basic puzzle. Nether end up being impressive in the end. 1 fact for most of a gaming community. Once the new car smell wears off and the full Meta game is realized the population shift begins, and that’s usually downhill.

Rust is not fully realized yet from our end (I hope), but if this is -generally- what we get I’ll enjoy it until I don’t. :slight_smile:

And forgive the randomness. My mind is wandering today.

@LilBabyStril - Wurm Online… Ughh… I didn’t last very long. I work full time. It’s almost worse than grinding in EverQuest in the late 90’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I can understand the idea of weight or size limits but I personally say no to both. Currently it’s hard enough to get supplies when you’re being killed constantly. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make it MORE tedious to do anything in the game.