Poll: ladders require build privilege

So you’ve had some time to play Rust where building privalage is required to place ladders. What do you think about it?

If it doesn’t need privilages then everywhere will be crawling with houses with balconies. No dramatic changes will happen. So why should we need them? I’m really asking because i don’t see any other use.

It’s still too early to have this conversation since siege ladders aren’t in the game yet.

The current ladders are great for having a tall thin base with no stairs, and for other convenient building choices. However they are not meant for raiding. Those ladders will be coming later.

I think it is the worse change that has come to Rust experimental since its debut.

Care to elaborate on why?

Personally so far I love the change, I can finally build how I want without having to put anti-ladders around the whole thing. Siege Ladders will be an interesting mechanic, so I’m excited about those but the current ladders definitely should stay blocked by build rights.

The only reason ladders are bad is that they made people build stupid looking bases with all those lips. While this may be annoying, removing ladders as a raiding tool is way way way worse. I understand they want to add raiding ladders later and when they make it to the game then fine, blocking normal ladders might be OK, but until then, it brings more problems than it solves. The change to cupboards is one, the fact that you can just crouch and then build a ton of stuff or even grief a base is bad.

Also, the new meta is spamming 1 cupboard per room which isn’t any better. Anyone wanting to go up either needs to boost or mess all cupboards or find stairs (which are again something people stopped making, making them twig and just destroying them to mess with raiders).

It makes no sense that a raider needs to go through so much trouble to raid. I understand that from a non-raider point of view it’s a very welcomed change, but I think it just brings a lot of ridiculous technicalities.

With the nerfs to c4 and rockets, sulfur gathering that keeps getting reduced, etc. raiding is now almost a waste of time. Any builder with a brain can just abuse the build system to make something that costs a TON of stuff to go through even if you know precisely where the loot is. This pretty much kills the fun in raiding in my opinion. I know, it’s alpha, blah blah blah…

In my opinion, raiding vs building was in a pretty good spot before the change, the best it’s been since experimental, and this threw the balance completely off. I simply cannot understand why Facepunch would remove ladders and not introduce the new ladders at the same time, it’s as stupid as their move to nerf c4 radius and not nerf rockets a while back… you’d think they’d learn from these silly mistakes but apparently not.

IMHO the solution is quite simple and this is how I run it on my server (with plugins). Just make ladders not work on high external walls. That is all. This way people can protect their quarries and make a perimeter around their base… no need for 32 lips on the base itself, only a triangle or square foundation on the HEW gates.

I haven’t found a way to do this with plugins, but also add a new type of barricade to the mix that can stick to walls like signs do (with a metal version that takes c4 or a lot of determination to break) and you have a complete and every elegant solution that will please both builders, raiders and people who care about the look of their base. A nice castle with a bunch of metal spikes all over the walls would be damn intimidating and nice to see, much more than ancient china wannabe bases.

I agree that raiding is becoming too much of a pain with the changes. My base currently requires 36 c4 to get all our loot and that’s only if you know which 18 doors to do through out of the 50-70 or so we have.

Whilst yeah, I think that’s great because well who the hell is going to have that much c4 or rockets? (the base is 9x9 so even rocketing out the outer walls will take a while to gain you anything) I actually agree with you though, sulfur is too rare at the moment. I’ve mined at least 200k stone since the wipe by hand and the amount of sulfur I’ve got for it is a joke. I know it’s easy to get if you have a quarry and run it constantly, which if you also have an oil pump is easy, but we live in the snow so our quarry only gets used when we farm animal fat. I think they should add more sulfur drops to boulders, let people properly raid a base by farming the required resources and blowing the hell out of it.

Raiding shouldn’t be as easy as it was with ladders but it also should be a bit easier than it is now. Like I said, my base is pretty well defended and honestly, having a base like that kind of takes any threat of raiding and therefore any worry about my stuff out of the game. It’s not as fun as it was knowing I can die over and over, regear and never really have to worry about losing everything.

I like it, come across some really good looking bases have it like the old way and every thing will be the same again, and I thing Gary wants it the way it is now lots of different designs