[Poll] Pickaxe or Hatchet?

Hatchet… never liked that slow ass Pickaxe… :smiley:

I’m fairly certain that they both gather at the same speed. The hatchet hits about every second while the pickaxe hits every two. However, the hatchet gathers half the resources of the pickaxe.

Agreed, and speed-wise you are probably correct (haven’t bothered timing it) By comparison, on some materials, the pick axe gather rate it greater, even if slower, when the resource is depleting with each hit. Compare hitting a tree 10 times (it’s maximum available hits) with a hatchet for 10 wood (normally) or a pick axe for 10 hits gets between 14 - 18 wood. If you have the time, pick axe for trees is much better.

Don’t even try gathering from a dead wolf or bear, with a Pick axe, gets next to nothing, but every hit with a hatchet gets returns.

So, both good at something, I always carry one of each for standard kit, a spare pick axe for gathering missions (with durability on normal).

Hatchet is most handy. When I need to kill animals, take their food, for wood - base building, etc.
Stuff you get from an pickax can also be looted pretty quick.

mah knife:)

i think the pick for combat and harvesting wood/stone. the hatchet for harvesting animals.

I’ve tried to work this out once before, but came to the conclusion they gather at the same rate, apart from the ores. I think it gathers them faster because of the way ores work.

I prefer the pickaxe for gathering resources. I like using the long time in between swings to turn and look at my surroundings. Don’t like being snuck up on. Plus, it packs a punch if it’s the only weapon you have.

gathers resources efficiently (half as many hits = half as much durability loss)
very effective for mining/collecting wood piles
awkward to use in combat unless target is standing still
shit for gathering from trees/dead animals

most effective tool for gathering from dead animals and trees
best melee weapon for combat
average for gathering resources (same gather speed but breaks twice as quickly)

both have their strengths and weaknesses so i usually carry both tools

The pickaxe is a deadly weapon and u can attack with it while running whereas the hatchet can only be used when standing still . + the pickaxe hits are much stronger , nobody will stand still while u use ur hatchet and if they have a ranged weapon then u really don’t have a chance with it

Pickaxe for combat
Hatchet for gathering

These are what they are best in compared to each other.

Pickaxe: Combat, Gathering wood, and rocks, destroying doors/structures.

Hatchet: Animals

Almost forgot to mention that you can look around with the pickaxe before gathering something. This helps if you are worried about other players.

I’d actually say the Pickaxe is better at destroying structures… less hitting :stuck_out_tongue: It’s almost thurpedic when that wood door finally breaks down :slight_smile:


Pickaxe is overall great i melee sprint against targets with weak weps or none. Hatchet is good for harvesting animals and thats about it.

Yep. Got my first Pickaxe kill last night. Unsuspecting dude trying to break in a wood door. Did the sneeky from behind :slight_smile: