[POLL] Proning?

Imho I think prone would be a nice addition.

Don’t go all keyboard warrior on me, just a poll. No negative comments.


Great idea, it would be great to hide from people by laying in the grass

Well. the game is somewhat about ‘‘what if, when, how to, when to, real life post apocalyptic’’

Heard of alot of people talking about ‘‘just hide’’ when bambi’s complain about getting killed. then why not lay down in the grass while thoose kevlar’s finish their buisness

You didn’t need to make two threads about this.


I didnt make two threads… this is the first thread I’ve posted in a few days.

Either way neither of our posts are relevant. So… No reason to have them.

Then dense foliage/grass should be added so you could hide in it while proning.
But before that, grass should be fixed so it wouldn’t crash AMD graphics card users :confused:

Yeah because you don’t need to be an elite military veteran to know how to lay on the grass. I think this should be added :smiley:

“Then new spawns could use it to play dead. Then there would be less bitching about surviving :D”


I think this is a thread regarding if prone should be added into rust…

.I’m all for prone…

Honestly, I was moderately shocked when I got into the game and found no prone.

This isn’t military simulator 341 bro

You know what would be unbelievably cool? A “play dead” feature. Press a key, and your character flops down to the ground. You could still be killed, of course, and there would be a delay to getting up (so people don’t abuse it by popping up instantly and shooting passerby).

i want to rub my dick on the ground

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also add carpet

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then i will rub my dick on your carpet

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The game is still in Alpha. Nuff’ said.


Yes, you did.

Yes, prone is a basic feature of a lot of 1st person games. I’d say add leaning as well but lets not get it too complicated. Baby steps.

And that is why I play without grass =)