Poll: RP Voting System - Which of these is best?

Hi folks, I’m working on a public-script RP gamemode (which is not yet public) and would like some feedback on the voting mechanism.

When a Majority-vote is created, there are 4 possible outcomes for each player

  • Player ignored the popup and it timed out
  • Player closed the popup
  • Player clicked Yes
  • Player clicked No

Let’s say a vote goes to 4 people’s screens:-

  • 2 respond Yes
  • One closes the window
  • One ignores the window.

Should that be a majority Yes because the other players don’t care


Should it be a majority No because the others didn’t explicitly say “yes”?


Is this simpler / more complex than I’m thinking?

The code is done, I just need to figure this detail out…

EDIT: The scenarios I’m thinking of (for example) is where a player wants to join an organization, there are 3 executives and they all get a popup. One might say “Yes, join us” and the others ignore it. Should I ignore the fact that the others didn’t respond?

Also, presidential elections - what should happen with the Majority vote there?

Ignoring the vote is like not turning up to a referendum. Only people who explicitly vote should count IMO.

I think I’m leaning towards this already - it does makes sense - I wonder if there is any situation when the opposite would be true, but I’m struggling to think of one now…

I don’t play RP so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I feel voting would be a bit flawed here. If players don’t know each other, they have no reason to vote for each other and may just press anything to get the menu off the screen. If players do know each other, they’ll be more inclined to vote, which could be unfair on new players.

You raise good points, but these are issues already in gamemodes such as DarkRP and its derivatives because too many people get the vote thing appearing on their screen.

In this case it is normally just one or two people that have to make a decision about someone joining their organization and the idea is that there would have been some communication beforehand.

In the case of elections, political parties need to advertise so that people can decide which organization to select based on which propaganda they’ve accepted.

It’s not really for mass-voting scenarios.