-Poll- Secret Door Challenge

Poll for the Secret Door Challenge!
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Magravn for me, a really unique idea, you didn’t go for an easy solution, but something really creative.

There were a few stand-out ideas here, but then there were a few amateur attempts too.
Props to -TRASE- and CoolCorky for their work on not just making the door look good, but making the surrounding environment have feeling too (ambient sounds were a nice touch in CoolCorky’s map).

But ultimately, my vote goes to magravn, who managed to design a system which was unique in all aspects.

Congratulations everybody.

Magravn had the most interesting entry. He has my vote.

I was gonna go for hexpunk. But mavgrans was completely new. I have never seen anything like it

Magravn all the way man. That’s totally rad! How he did that in source is beyond my understanding of hammer. Anyway he has my vote, but for some strange reason I also really like CoolCorky’s

Magravn had a great idea! I think that is the most awesome secret door ever.

I’m torn between magravn and hexpunk, both entries were excellent. I think I’m going to give my vote to magravn for creativity though.

magravn for me, simple & original

magravn has it in my opinion.

Im stuck between Firegod and Magravn, they’re both really clever but i think i’ll vote for Magravn because its a “secret door” and Firegod’s wasn’t that secret

I did Hexpunk before I saw Magravn. Magravn should’ve been my vote though.

I would vote for myself (for obvious reasons). but it’s clear I’m not going to win, so I think I’ll vote for Nerdrage, because it was a clever and believeable way of hiding a room in a house. Magravn’s idea was indeed very cool, but not many people just have a door lying around the house. Nerdrage’s felt the most “real”.

It was between Magravn and CoolCorky for me, Corky had a cool idea and strange way of presenting it, the map seemed better than Magravn’s but the unique-ness of Magravn’s won me over, not the map itself.

Magravn for me. No idea how he did it, but it looked awesome.

Hexpunk for me. I just love that concept.

Magravn by far.

John! :h:


Aka, coolcorky.


I never finished mine off fully as the lighting pissed me off something royal :v:

But damn I didn’t think you guys liked it so much.


Magravn gets my vote as his idea was excellent,perfect concealment and execution. Whilst still looking nice.