POLL: Temporary LightRP Server?

**If you haven’t read my other threads I suggest you do to know what’s going on. **

Part 1: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=782416 (about classic RP maps)
Part 2: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=781408 (Some questions about LightRP)

I’ve noticed that there quite a lot of posts that say stuff like:
I miss the LightRP days

Or in some of the DarkRP/DarkRP edits:
Why do we need all of these complicated scripts when all we needed a while ago was just a basic script.

So Just like the bomb in megaton (From Fallout 3 if you didn’t know) I’m gonna give this idea a little… motivation.

I’ve been asking a lot of stuff about lightRP, Gmod9, and classic maps that we’re used back in gmod9 and LightRP. And all of that brought me up to this:

I have a friend who used to play LightRP (If you haven’t noticed i’ve been talking about him a bit in my other threads… His name is Dr.Zhivago. One of the Best RPers you will ever meet). He was actually one of those people back in gmod9 who actually liked to RP correctly so he knows how RP works. Anyway… He and I have been thinking of starting up a dedicated LightRP server. But the problem is we’re a year and a half from having jobs soooo… we gotta wait a while. But in the Meantime… we were thinking of trying this out before we start up this whole thing. So if you guys want to we will be running a 1-2 day server soon. So tell me if ya want to join us and if we get enough people we just might start it up.

So here’s the POLL part of this:

Option 1: Just click on that little check button on the bottom right if you want to.
Option 2: Just click on that little X button on the bottom right if you DON’T want to.

Now each option comes with a little something that you need to type to help us make this experience better.

For option 1, you’ll need to type the map you want. The maps are:

  1. rp_hometown_1999
  2. rp_cscdesert
  3. rp_Oviscity_b3
  4. rp_Omgcity
  5. Other (If you can please provide a link to the download or if it’s on gmod.org i’ll search for it. I’ll try it out and see if it’s good or not)

Also please note that possibly all 4 maps will be used we just want to know which one is the overall favorite so we will know the order in which these maps will go.
For Option 2, just tell us why you disagree with us and we’ll be more than happy to know about you’re problems with this and we’ll take them under consideration.**

Here’s some examples of what I want to see in these posts:

Example 1: (If you agree)


  1. rp_hometown_1999
    Example 2: (If you DON’T agree)**

<Insert reasons here>

Further Info about the date and time of this is TBA.

Thank you for your time and hopefully things will work out.

rp_cscdesert fo rsure

sweet… already. I agree with you as well.

And I don’t vote on this so non of the votes are mine.