[POLL] What is your favorite Rust Mod?

Just a simple question for you all.

Choose what mod is your favorite and then (preferably) elaborate in a post below!
Why is it your favorite? Do you see any other mods as great but not as good as your favorite? Why do you feel that mod is superior/better/cooler/worse/inferior? What is your opinion on the others?

Got any questions about other mods? Haven’t used them and are burning for some feedback? Ask here and the community will reply back.

Don’t flame each other guys, learn to love each other for our individual preferences. Know that debating is not flaming. Flaming is hate speech and arrogance. Debating and discussing is the sharing of opinion through claim and support. Talk, not argue. I’m saying this because if you have been in the rust section long enough then you know what I’m talking about.

Went with Oxide but I have no direct experience with the others. We went modded on our ex-vanilla server last week and after lots of reading I came to the conclusion Oxide was best for us. The main reason is that there was significantly more existing mods designed for that platform.

So far so good, the server is super stable and we haven’t had any major mod issues, all is well and we like it very much. We have about 25 mods installed.

You said you haven’t ever looked at/tried out the other mods, right? You should take a look at the features of RustEssentials. There is a ton of unique stuff and incoming features that I would recommend. You could also look at all of the unique plugins in Magma.

Hi guys,

I voted Rust Essentials.

Few reasons why.

It’s neat, Easy to configure, has more than enough tools for you to run your server properly. Without Rust Essentials I honestly wouldn’t be able to run a server the way I am.

I don’t mind the server crashes here and there either. (Hope that get’s fixed by the way)

Guys, if you’re looking for a mod, I would MORE than recommend Rust Essentials.



Vanilla all the way!

Indeed I didn’t TRY the others but I did read a lot before choosing Oxide. I’m sure they all have their advantages/disadvantages. Maybe I misread but I was under the impression RustEssentials is a pack of pre-made mods with no plugins? Or was it another package?

Give me some examples of what the others do that Oxide doesn’t, I’m curious and interested.

While we’re at it, are any of these platforms compatible? Can you run Magma AND Oxide for example?

No, RustEssentials, Oxide, and Magma are not compatible. I have never used Magma, I only said that I feels it has something special to it, like everything does. Also, RustEssentials is a standalone mod with a ton of features, not an extension of Oxide or Magma.

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Oh yea, Essentials has:
Factions, portal gun, wand tool, extensive decay configuration, safe zones, war zones, random giveaways, remove all, freeze players, and some really unique ones soon to come.

Mine is Oxide…I can’t rly imagine how one could play vanila Rust :stuck_out_tongue:

Rust Essentials

I have tried each on and off for around 1 month each and have seen the pros and cons of each.

1. Rust Essentials: Managing permissions(ranks) for Owners, Admins, Moderators, Players and custom ranks is a lot more user friendly.
2. Oxide: Uses Flags and Oxmin. Oxmin has an issue where if you assign flags to players and later remove/add plugins, those oxmin assignments will be messed up.
3. Magma: ?

1. Oxide: Is probably the better of the 3. 99% of plugins will send the user help text when the player types /help. It’s all automated and gives a short description on what each command does. Easy.
2. Rust Essentials: Lists all commands available to you for your rank. Multiple commands per line are listed. It doesn’t give a short description for each command when you type /help but you can type /help {command} for more info about that particular command. For example /help tpa
3. Magma: You have to manually add any commands (if you want) a plugin may have. When I have decided on a plugin, I have to look at the commands then add those to the help system. You have to do this for any plugin you install. That was a big turn off for me unless your users were pretty savvy then I guess that would be fine.

Features; Cool Stuff. (As of right now)

  1. Magma: Has a lot of ‘cool’ plugins and is more stable. QuadGather, AutoWiper, Destroy, Arena etc
  2. Oxide: Also has a lot of ‘cool’ plugins but every time I use it I see weird memory spikes on my memory usage graph. I tried to find what was causing it spending 4 days removing 3 plugins at a time until I gave up and told myself I shouldn’t be spending this much time finding the ‘bad apple’. Some of the best plugins it had were abandoned by their authors.
  3. Rust Essentials: The majority of the ‘cool’ features is on the administration side of the server.

Spend a few extra dollars and rent a server for a month and install each one for around a week. Install/Try all it has to offer. Have your admins come on and try all the features too and ask them what they did like and didn’t like about it.

Go to each forum and read what others are saying, what issues if any, server owners are having. Read what features are included in future updates etc

Honestly hard choice between Magma and Essentials. (but essentials wins for being a single mod… .all in one solution)

i’ve been very disappointed with Oxide, and its compatibility with other Oxide plugins and the admin capabilities.

Essentials allows for easy and quick setup, and offered a large amount of features with little to no extra work. It had the majority of the features in Oxide and Magma, with pretty much the rest of them on the way (plus the features are honestly better written in essentials)

Magma has most if not ALL of the plugins for oxide, but simply put, better written then oxide, easier compatibilities, and as stated by SEVERAL GSP’s the MOST STABLE of the plugins/mods avilable. also very easily self customized as a server owner because its based on javascript.

Hard to try out any thing other than Oxide, because the only servers close to me that I can find, and are not 0-2 population are vanilla or oxide.

I have tried all three and Essentials is by far the most stable, also the most user friendly

my non biased opinion would be Magma

Part of the minority I guess lol

I have tried all 3 mods and I have done vanilla servers.

==========Vanilla========= -My first server

=======RUST Essentials======= -My second server
-The most stable and user friendly.
-All inclusive mod with (almost) everything you could want.
-Very easy Owner, Admin, Mod permission use.
-Limited to what Rust Essentials has and that’s it.
-This may have been resolved as of now, but Memory leaks are an issue.

==========OXIDE========== -My third server
-Very commonly used, lots of support.
-Tons of options with all the Oxide Plugins.
-Not the most user friendly
-Due to the mass amount of options, it is very easy to render the server unstable.
-Total admin control can get a bit confusing. Due to 2 main systems being implemented by Oxide contributors. Oxmin and Flags.

==========MAGMA========== -My forth server
-Mildly user friendly
-Lots of options with Magma Plugins.
-A few cool features that are currently only available through Magma, such as a Voice Indicator.
-Kind of a merge between Essentials and Oxide
-Limited community support
-Lots of Magma Plugins are broken that I would consider a necessity on a modded server like teleport and home functionality.

As of now I’m running a OXIDE server and a contributor to the OXIDE community mostly, I’ve scripted 1 plugin for Magma. I don’t know if I will continue to script for Magma at this moment.

-Orange Joe


It does everything I need and want it to plus so much more. I found it to be more configurable than Magma or Essentials.

Just my opinion.

This should probably be in the Rust servers or Rust modding subforum for a more accurate voting poll.
I’m sure a lot of peoples opinion will be based off of what is available to them as either a player, or what is available as part of the core mod and the available plugins as a server owner, as opposed to what the mod engine is capable of, and the extensibility of the plugins for those who can develop for them.

We are using Magma, and I find it fantastic to work with (though would rather have C# or Pawn plugins, than JS) and its enabled us to fix just about every glitch and prohibit players from using them, or fix scripts that are freely available on the magma forums.

Seems much more friendly than scripting in LUA for the Oxide engine.

Not used Essentials myself, but I prefer something we can manage, than an all-in-one mod.

Well personally I’ve hitched my wagon to Oxide - initially this was really just because I was impatient and the only GSPs available to me (with decent ping etc) had Oxide available before Rust++, Magma’s precursor. Otherwise I definitely would have gone with xEnt22’s mod since he’s a fellow Aussie and seemed pretty switched on when I met him on his server back when :wink:

I’ve since come to the conclusion that I made the right choice, even if the reason for my choice in the first place was simply availability. While JavaScript is seen by some as simpler and more widespread a language, it has a few differences in operators, flow and handling of variables etc which I think make it less suited than Lua to these tasks, though the advantage is probably minor.

Lua was designed from day 1 to interface with C and C-like applications though, in a way which JS was not, which does lend itself to extensibility when using it in a mod framework like Oxide on Rust. I’m only new to the language myself, as of 1-2 months ago, but I’ve found it mostly easy to pick up, and most of the time when I get stuck on something it’s due to peculiarities of the way Rust itself is coded rather than a quirk of Lua (though it does have a few of those, of course).

I must admit that I wish they (Magma and Oxide) were using the same scripting language (either one) since it would have made portability of mods sooooooo so much easier… But I guess that just wasn’t meant to be.

I don’t bother playing any Vanilla servers. In fact, I don’t play any servers without custom loot (drop rates) since the standard drop rate for the ‘good stuff’ is way too high, and C4 much too easy to make. I like to work for my loot, so it actually feels like it has value, and it’s more of a risk (and thus exciting) when fighting to keep it - or take someone else’s! :slight_smile:

I also don’t see the point in playing any servers without an anti-decay mod, since it only takes 2 days to lose a building (and thus everything in it). I barely manage to get time on my own server every day (for admin etc); people with work and lives can’t necessarily get on every other day just to maintain a building.