Poll - Would you like to have an option choosing gender in Rust?

Please just write 1, 2 or 3. Thanks.

  1. YES.

  2. NO.

  3. DON’T CARE.

Must say i really LOVE THIS GAME, but think that devs did wrong thing doing this. Just cant enjoy it as female character.


The question is more like: “Do you let the mainstream narrow your ideals of a video games down to gimmicks like character customization?”

I think the lack of choice about your appearance gives some interesting impressions.

It is not about character customization. It is not beeing woman with mans voice in game.

That’s all?
I don’t see no problems with that. After all, it’s just as weird to hear a 12 year old kids voice out of a adults body.

Don’t care, because i’ve got big tits

I think they should let you choose your gender. Im not playing anymore because Im women in this game. I dont like it :slight_smile: And I really think it have to be your choice not others

Y’all are being very childish about this, just saying. Not playing because you have boobs in the game just goes to show how insecure some of you are.

The devs already solved this guys! They use advanced voice detection to detect whether you have a male voice. If that’s the case and you happen to be a female in rust, they just pitch your voice up until it sounds like a woman!

You must hate Dr Girlfriend then. :smug:

Are you fucking with me :what:

dont care. I dont see myself when im playing.

Nothing changed besides

Suck my Dick!!! is now Suck my Vagina!!!

still. don’t. care.

I don’t actually care too, but they should atleast add some hair for women srls we look so bald xD

I don’t mind either way but i agree that a choice should be available to those that want it.

It’s not like I’d stop playing over this, but I don’t like it. Some people just randomly get turned into females and you should have the option of what gender you want to be. Plus the female model they made looks terrible in my opinion

I had been looking forward to this update for a long time, that it would be bound to our steamid’s and that we would be unable to change it made it very interesting, and I expected the tone of the game to change for the better. I’d get a second chance with a coin flip to end up the gender I wish I’d been born with, albeit in a game but with others also stuck with theirs… it would’ve been interesting. Unfortunately I was assigned male, again.

So yeah I was disappointed, but I can’t vote that we should have the option, at least not like every other game, because that would water down the impact this has. I wasn’t a fan of Rust, not even a regular player, so letting it go isn’t that big of a loss… But thinking about what the real world equivalent of that would be, not ending up the gender I’d identified as and instead choosing to “opt out”… Kind of makes me happy about modern medicine.

On a lighter note though, it’s pretty funny (and frightening) to see all the comments made by angry dudes. :ohno:
I’ll have to keep following the results of this experiment.

If we get the option to choose, it will be abused more than utilized properly, and we’lll get armies of “teehee i’m a gurl” and big bulky muscle guys everywhere.

It’s better to just say fuck it and accept the randomness.

This is not the final configuration for characters. The devblog explicitly states that you can expect your character’s appearance to change again in the coming months.

Think of how the procedural maps change every time there’s a map-wipe update even if the seed stays the same. The character system will have changes/enhancements added, and when that happens character appearances will be rerolled. I would expect this to happen repeatedly between now and the time Rust’s Early Access tags come off.