Do you think that all theese warposes, army guys, policemans and other random gun holding guy poses are booring?

what are you going to do, ban military poses?

If that was possible - yes.
For now just gathering info.

A poll won’t change anything if that’s your aim.

Yeah GL having a mod listen to you, blue member with eight posts who joined this month and you want to ban warposes?
Besides, you might as well be a alt of TheFallenTF2 for all we know. :v:

lmao good luck and what exactly do you want us to replace them with

Im alt of unknow Wizy 2006 ;/
I asked how to ddos, and politely said that i dont know is it legal, but they banned me anyway.

People do military poses for practice.

If you can provide something more creative you are welcome to enlighten us.

Scenebuilds [Where is not ww2 poses]
Just building stuff like cars/houses/boats/ships/spaceships etc

I mean go make some “right” screenshots and shows us how it’s done. Who knows, maybe you will really influence a change?

Bitching doesn’t do anything though.

Fuck off man. I thought this poll will have some IQ level but I was wrong. [sp] When I saw your name [/sp]
You can’t say to people what they have to make. Every single person there is better in something else.


On a more serious note - military poses are fine. If you don’t like them try to offset them with non military poses of your on.

Try to make competitions that focus on non military poses and similar.

mailodude confirmed for worse than Hitler.

Seriously though. When there is a generic gunpose with nothing really noteworthy, it’s mostly ignored by the majority of users While extraordinary stuff are praised in the community. I don’t think your way of thinking is gonna solve the problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place?!

  1. Comics also require a decent story in addition to having good screenshots, and not everyone is a good writer. They also take significantly more work, as you need several good screenshots per page, and minimum one page per “release”.

  2. We have scenebuilds

  3. See scenebuilds.

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  1. No, you’re dumb

You registered literally this month and this is one of your first threads. You’re not going to fit in well here until you take a step back and consider the fact that other people making art you don’t agree with doesn’t in the faintest fucking grade affect you or your life. Make what you want, and others will make what they want. It’s called freedom. Grow up.

Screenshots subject matter is dictated by the content from released via ports and model creation, which, strangely for a FPS, is mostly targeted to gun/war culture. Ports are dictated by the games released by the industry that are artistically compatible with Source, which are, you guessed it, popular shooters.

You want to change the content of the screenshot section, make/port shit you’d like to see people pose with and release it for free. That’s what I do, and my contributions have helped people make more sci-fi screenshots, which is nice because I like sci-fi.

Well said, Lt.

Although your going about this all wrong, i kinda see what you mean.

There are WAY to many WW2 pictures around here. Well made, but too much.

Its like the situation with “Brown Shooters” we’re getting a lot of “Brown Poses”.
I would think that a community like Garrys Mod’s would be a bit more creative then brown video games.

You can never have too many WW2 poses.

Besides,it’s good to see homage being paid to the greatest conflict in history.

What? We aren’t too creative for you? Come on dude.