Polling System to check Servers

I run approximately 8 Garry’s Mod servers and have been running them through NFO paying a ton. I’m at the point now where I’m starting to buy Dedicated Servers running on Ubuntu 13.10 and I’m running into an issue with a few of my servers in regards to the process locking up. When the process locks up it’s not technically considered “crashed” and just hangs there until the process is killed and re-initiated manually. The problem lies with most of my staff not knowing anything about Linux or SSH and being able to restart them when necessary.

I have looked around for quite a while before posting here since I usually tend to get banned.

Is there a polling system which checks the servers like every 5 minutes to check if it’s actually responsive, and if not end the process and restart it? I realize that there is a cron-job but that’s usually only used for auto-run once the server boots up. I’m pretty sure something can be easily coded in Perl or something similar but I’m not gifted with anything in that venue.

I’m looking for any advice, references on where to search and possibly anyone who already has an existing script and willing to share it with me. I am not cheap and could make it worth your time if I get what i’m looking for.


This has been discussed a bit here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1359264

I used to have the same issue as you until I updated everything to the latest version, have you tried that?

Yes, everything is a fresh install fully up to date including the latest release of Ubuntu. I decided to run a managed virtual dedicated server utilizing their control panels now. I guess this is kind of irrelevant but still would be nice to have a solution for those of us who run some Linux servers and often have to SSH into them and manually kill the process. A few of mine will be on a dedicated server running Linux still, so I will just let this hang out and hopefully advice comes our way.