Polls are useless?

Seriously, why do you start polls it you don’t really use that feedback?

I saw 2 polls since I follow the Devlogs, and I guess are the only 2 that existed…

One was about the hat, and the secondary was about the update periodicity. On both you ignored the people’s choice

I can understand that you as developers maybe wanted to do some things “yes or yes” but then, dont make stupid polls you are going to ignore…

looks like you think… “if people agrees, looks like we use the feedback” and if not… “well, people will ignore it so don’t really matter.”

I cant be agree with this.

Polls aren’t to choose what we do, they’re to gauge popular opinion. It’s not the UN.

So then people have to be against something massively to be taken into consideration?

Good to know. And thanks for the honest reply.

Well yeah, it’s their game

It’s also not always a good idea to listen to everything your users/players/fans say. A concept could sound cool but it might have some serious downsides and/or cause trouble later on.

Please learn the difference between an opinion poll and a democratic vote. You’re actually yelling at garry for doing his job of making the game.

Good job.

not only this but on the “periodicity” poll the options were
-every week (38%)
-monthly (16%)
-monthly (8%)
-two weeks (30%)
-two weeks (8%)

4/5 of those options are all different than the previous one week. so group all those together is a whopping 62% of the people wanted something different (longer) than a one week period. so really they DID listen to the poll results by increasing the time, like 62% of us asked for

Did you understood what did I say?

No yelling, I just said the true and I suppose that its true that If something its not wanted massively Rust team will consider it to be done… Right? Or should I think that they will do whatever they want without people wondering what are they doing? (that = shit development, U know?)

Maybe I did not explain it the best way because my English its not perfect, but don’t turn me “the bad boy”, I’m sure a lot of people were wondering about polls relevance, and here I had a reply.

*PS: Oh, And by the way I selected 2 weeks update, and 1 week devlog…

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Well, that’s true, however I would like it more if they manage differences between who already got the game and who don’t… because its not the same… maybe Email polls.

can we get blue helmets anyway?