Poly limit for GMOD

I am wondering if there is a poly limit in GMOD as i like to model things for the game. At the moment all my models have been pretty low poly but i am wondering if there is actually a poly limit in the game as i am modeling a weapon (for fun) and its rather high poly (184556 Faces, 186427 Verts and 369112 Tris)

Are you running turbosmooth level 4 on your mesh or what?

There isn’t really a limit in place besides the one of the model compiler (around 30,000 verts), but in general a weapon viewmodel shouldn’t go over 10-15k tris and a worldmodel over 1k

wow that limited :o i use Blender so its Subdivision Surface level 3 but even without the modifiers its still over the 20k mark :o and im not nearly finished with it at all o.0

your modeling must be really inefficient then, go look at ingame models

yea more than likely lol be i do love the extremely fine detail in things so that’s where most of it comes from. The sword I’m making had 6k verts in the hilt detail so with than in mind with the pommel and blade decoration its way too easy to pass the 20k mark :slight_smile:

can you show a screenshot

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also http://i893.photobucket.com/albums/ac139/AceScottie1/FusionSwordwire_zps441bb3cc.png for the simplified wire version

yeah dude you can literally remove 90% of your polies and still have the same geometry


yea but it was never intended for any game or animation. lol just for show XD part of my Final Fantasy Weapon collection :slight_smile: and for what i really wanted it for i needed the extra verts XD http://i893.photobucket.com/albums/ac139/AceScottie1/WIP2_zps23baea2a.png

the source engine can technically use models with unlimited poly count and texture size, but in practice, it will be very laggy, the lower the better

Uh, no.

The model compiler will die. And I think the largest texture you can use is 4096x4096.

i like the fact people marked my post explaining that the model was not intended for game use as dumb. what part of that is dumb ? how can that be dumb and how the hell can you disagree. i really hate that system on this forum …

What do you not understand about this?

They were voting you dumb because of your bad grammar and childish use of emoticons.

I cant take you seriously with that title

seriously dumb because i made a smiley … Its there to clarify I mean what I say in a friendly manner. and as for spelling and grammar, I’m no grammar Nazi and i don’t mind spelling errors. just shows I’m human.

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did you read the comment. “it was never intended for game use.” the particle system on it requires extra verts for the hair system as that is its starting point.

if its not intended for game use what the fuck do you need it for

repeating that 400 times without saying what you’re using it for isn’t going to help anyone