I really worked hard in this map, and I hope you guys like it. Please, please feedback would be really appreciated :slight_smile:
map contains custom textures
media time:






Whats with that door in the last pic?

They were probably parts to make a whole door, but left there.

Looks like it`s not assembled and is in pieces.

I’m liking the semi-portal 2 theme you got going here.

All you need now is vines everywhere. :v:

It’s a pretty good map, but I never saw the bit in the last pic. Where was it?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it.

Thanks guys

Looks alright

The last picture looks great! The only thing you should do to that location is (maybe) wall pieces stacked to a wall.

I like the style of it. And that partially destroyed ceiling and floor really looks good.

I played it. It was entertaining, but not very. The second room on the right had a leak around the edges of the ceiling and the second room on the left had mediocre brushwork. The poles that lead to the cube, I mean.

I liked the detail, however.

lol when portal 2 comes out there will be 2 versions. 1 which ordinary people on fp made and other original which valvers made.

Confused as to why it’s called polynomial.

It looks good, but the doors in the last photo are definitely off. The doors would not simply slide into the frame so it seems as if they don’t belong.