Pondering on the usage of Effects

So I recently started dabbling in effects and I was wondering a few things:

I was wondering, that effect is what I was completely going for, however its more like a trail when the object moves. I know its probably impossible to completely remove the fact there will be a trail on entity movement, but is there a way to minimalize it to where its not like a long ass blue tail sticking out of an entity?

Also, if an effect is pretty much continuous (Like an Aura), should I just remove and recreate the effect every once in a while in case someone joins considering they can’t see it unless they’ve joined? (Using **[G.ParticleEffectAttach

http://wiki.garrysmod.com/favicon.ico](http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=G.ParticleEffectAttach)** ). Or should I just usermessage that sucker for the entity to have that effect and run the effect clientside?