Pontiac Firebird?

I was wondering if anyone was willing to try and port a Pontiac Firebird into Gmod. I seen some really nice models of it in Need for Speed and Driver San Francisco

Need for Speed: the run
Driver SF

Or even just the Pheonix in Gta would be cool enough

Just as a barebone prop or even with ragdolled or bodygrouped doors would be cool if anyone wanted to give it a shot.

For anyone interested, Driver: San Fran uses the Reflections engine, and NFS: The Run uses Frostbite 2.

Driver SF models (raw) can also be downloaded here:



I do believe you have to sign up, but it’s free and there’s tons of raw models.

I actually ripped a model of it from Flatout Ultimate carnage. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing though. Anyone be willing to take a look at this properly if I gave them the rip files?

I actually just downloaded one of the Firebird models that Tomcatters linked to, so I could send you that instead if you’d like.