Pony model is broken?

I am a VIP on a server

And when i am a pony on DarkRP my eyes are the same colour as my body skin and everything else

The only way to restore it is to change my pupil or eye size or something, but then it becomes this :

How to fix it?

Ask the owner; we can’t help you with custom models that we know nothing about.

Checked the console, got this : Requesting texture value from var “$basetexture” which is not a texture value (material: models/mlp/base/eye_l)

What should i do?

The model was probably compiled incorrectly. There’s nothing you can do.

But it’s kinda weird

In the editing menu of the pony i CAN see my eyes, and i CAN see other’s people pony’s eyes, and they have like colours and stuff, but i have this weird scenario

Something in the server conflicts with the addon.

See, even Gmod hates the ponies.
Jk, I’m actually a huge fan. Not sure what would be causing this however.

So why did you bother to post then?


Do you have any skins that could be conflicting with this one?
If not, could you link us the model to see if it causes issues for us?

As i stated before, i can see others people pony, and they have eyes and everything, in the pony editor i can see myself normal too, but after i press APPLY my model is fucked up

Ask the server owner; it seems out of your hands.