Pooh Models

Yeah, I know this sounds stupid, but could anyone make a pack of all nine major Pooh characters? This includes:


Peace, homies!

P.S: Just found out that requests go here

there is a pooh tigger and piglet in gmod already

Yeah, but I have no idea where to find it.


Back on topic, could someone make models of the rest of the Pooh cast? Here are their pictures:

Owl: http://eightpawsclipart.3lmt.com/images/pooh/owl/owls10.gif
Gopher: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/kingdomhearts/images/thumb/a/ac/Gopher.jpg/250px-Gopher.jpg
Kanga & Roo: http://www.magicpooh.com/pics/kangaandroo/kangaandroo004.gif

haha lol

So where are the pooh tigger and piglet models

Do a Google search for the username Mariokart64n. If you follow a few links you’ll find his skydrive with all of his Gmod models on it. I don’t know about tigger and piglet but I know Pooh is on there.

I laughed at this request.