Pool Day s&box

I’ve not posted in a while so sorry about that guys! University, vaccine, relationship and that jazz getting in the way of things lately but I would like to update you guys on the recent map I’ve put into s&box!

I only did a simple port of Pool day to keep the gameplay fluid in what ever gamemode people would like to use in it as I didn’t really have a gamemode mode idea in mind for this map. Only wanted poolday to be updated to source 2 but in my own style lmao.

Anyway here it is on YouTube and I hope you guys like it!

Got some ideas and projects I’ll be working on next once i get a grip on life! Cya guys soon!


No handrails on the top? Is this OSHA approved?


Nice port :slight_smile:


Just jump right into the pool!

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Some good nostalgia comes from that map!
Been fun using it as a testbed for my own game mode :monkey_face:


You’ll have more soon;)


really like this port

the lighting is nice
the textures and models are nice
good job

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