Pooltime Relaxation

Again, no photoshop or anything. So I couldnt relly do everything I wanted and some stuff might look a little off lighting wise. But this is one of my best and im still learning. Criticisms welcome, and thanks for viewing! :smile:

The map would look pretty good if that bitch isn’t in the way.

I appreciate that, but its not like I designed her lol. I think she looks nice, thanks anyways

Now i see some progress here. You should pay more attention to working with camera, and finally download ps to make normal effects. And yeah, stop being an anal conveyor. How many screens you’ve made today?

I made these in the past month, im just new to facepunch. I can easily pirate photoshop but I have no idea how to use it and I have a hard time learning

Why didn’t you just uploaded it all to the one thread?

Uhhh… because im stupid I guess, i’ll start to do that when I make my next screens

Rastifan is that you?


It’s a long, painful story…

Rastifan is FP’s resident sex poser. He’s known for causing shitstorms here in the screenshots section. It’s usually him arguing about how there needs to be more variety in poses, people complaining that his editing and humor sucks, Rasti going “lol I troll u”, back and forth and the arguments go on for days.

I think he’s banned at the moment. Not that he cares anyway, he’s got his own site now.

He is, he requested it on his last thread.


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Im new, so i had no idea. I hope this doesnt get me banned or something I tried to keep it classy…

This isn’t going to get you banned. My advice, no do these pictures.

And if you’re gonna do more: Keep it professional/artistic instead of the “LOL LESBIAN PORN”-shit that Rastifan did.

I honestly think this one is done in good taste and I plan to keep it like that

Yeah, this sort of thing is fine unless it becomes overdone and isn’t “lol look its lesbians again come on laugh with me” type of thing.

You should have tossed her to the left side a bit.
The purple haze and the extreme flare on all the lights is a bit ridiculous; all that shit is way too excessive and I’m not sure what to look at.

When you make your next screenshot, figure out what you want the focus to be.
After you do that make sure it’s slightly off-center, and then place, pose, and light it so that our eyes are drawn to that focus.

i think so long as it has actual depth to it then using nude models is probably fine, like so long as it has actual lighting and composition and stuff other than random naked people

Thats interesting but I thiught putting her in the middle put her in focus. Its a matter of taste, im a sucker for ridiculously colorful pictures. But I see what you mean