poop system ?

I think that would be nice if we could have a poop system in Rust

There would be a poop meter, after a few hours you need to poop

You need to spot a safe place to poop, if you don’t poop you will feel bad and you can shit yourself

if you shit yourself zombies are attracted to you and you will need to craft new pants, or the ability to craft diapers so you could poop in them without any problems

the cloth diapers would be basic, kevlar diapers would be able to hold much more poop

you could also craft toilets

perhaps when you raid someone else house you could shit in their sleeping bag as a way to show whos the boss


Dafuq did I just read.

Are you one of those fetishists

i bet you do this in real life too

I can imagine, killing a new player and having their inventory 2/3 full of shit.

What the fuck i just read?
I don’t want to live anymore

I dont even…

Can I kill someone and shit on their chest?

I don’t go on the rust forums for weeks and this shows up like no.

This thread is fucking glorious.

Kudos to you. You made my day.

For real, hilarity here. Funniest thing I have read all day.

Actually instead of having your character immediately die, how about he stays in a semi-conscious state. So when you get like 50 guys to go and take a shit on him, he will just die from the multiple infections and diseases from having shit rubbed all in his wounds.

op has a scat fetish

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you can eat their shit

eat your own shit

never hungry

When we all are honest we would agree that we would like to pee or poop on one or another player we met ingame.

I totally support this idea but we also need pee!

It actually should be added.
Nothing’s better than slaying a bear and shitting inside it’s mouth to show dominance and markings of your territory.

Even better, make it so you can only shit a few hours after eating, and if you eat bad food too much, you can get constipation. If you don’t treat constipation quickly enough, you will shit yourself and your asshole will rip, causing you to eventually bleed out if you don’t shove a medkit up your ass crack.
Renaming the name “Rust” to “Survival Shitting Simulator” would let us have the best and the most immersive experience.


This shit is funny =) Made my day!

Can we please discuss this seriously? Its only shit after all.

And Pee ofc!

just like rust

Yes thats what i saying, too xD this morning. Nice Idea but no at the right thing.