Pooping absolutely MUST be added

Many of us saw the suggestion for pooping in the dev blog, and I want to make sure it is known that this absolutely has to happen. Pooping would elevate this game to a level far beyond anything else available. Not just being able to poop, but having to poop as a requirement just as you would with food or water. It could be something that happens every 48-72 hours, and when it’s initiated you only have a few minutes to find a place to squat. It could be a fancy incentive to stay alive, for some. Once you’ve gone, the poop could decay for a bit before disappearing. I see no reason to think this isn’t anything but the best idea ever for Rust…but maybe I’m wrong. Am I wrong? Or is poop in Rust very, very right?

No, you’re definitely wrong.

You’re wrong.

Yeah, that’s right!
You’re wrong…

Poop is already in Rust, that’s right! no joke they even have arms and legs! i nearly pooped myself in RL when i saw them, they even have names but i forget them all and call them Raiders.

i love that every time this is brought up, the op thinks it’s the first time anyone has suggested shitting as part of the game :slight_smile:

Such a stupid idea…

I see what you are trying to do here. You want to take revenge by pooping on other players - after killing them.

is it possible to scoop it and throw it at people after you are finished defecating ?

we need poooop raid a house and poooop in there beds we need poooop